My Captured Moment #21


September 2007

As the return to school is fast approaching and we all prepare to take “that” photograph, My Captured Moment this week is the youngest’s first day in reception class.

Having attended pre school for a couple of years before she truly started school, the youngest was quite familiar with the school building and routines of the day.

However, she was still delighted to be going to ‘big school” and loved her big girl “buniform”.

This is my favourite first day back to school photograph!


Have a lovely day!

24 thoughts on “My Captured Moment #21

  1. THAT SMILE!!! Love it – she was obviously really looking forward to starting school bless her. Great picture for those memories Lisa #MyCapturedMoment Sammy xxx

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  2. I have also been looking back at first day of school pictures (thank you Facebook memories). My kids have just started year 8 and 5 and it is truly terrifying how quickly those years have whizzed by. Thank goodness for the fact that I’m photo crazy always snapping away! The kids get fed up with me but it’s worth it to hold on to those special moments


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