A few of my Favourite Things!

The heart of our home is definitely The Kitchen.

We all gravitate towards the kitchen and while a good deal of cooking/baking does occur in there, it is used for so much more.

In our old house, the kitchen was a tiny square and two people did not comfortably fit into the space.

To have room to breathe is bliss!


The units are white, shaker style. The walls are still painted in the cream colour, favoured by the builders.

There are little pops of red scattered throughout to break it up.

I have plans for this room as soon as the house has properly settled, I think we have ten months left to wait.

It contains both my happy corner and favourite things.


My favourite corner is next to the oven and contains the radio. Perfect for catching up with The Archers – my guilty pleasure!


Next to the radio is my Kitchen Aid mixer, which I waited patiently for.

Eventually, I bought it myself and I still think it is fantastic.

It makes such a difference to the most ordinary of recipes.


In the drawer under the hob, lives the hachoir.

I love using fresh herbs in my cooking. This year I have even managed to grow some in our garden.

This little gadget makes the whole process easier and I believe,  it is a bit safer than using a knife.

Minestrone Soup Eastham style

As we are slipping into Autumn, my thoughts turn to more hearty meals.

However, if I am honest, I have continued to use the slow cooker throughout the summer.

I wouldn’t be without it. It is so lovely to come home from work and be greeted by the smell of your dinner.

That said, I find the slow cooker really versatile, as well as Minestrone Soup, I make lasagnas, crumbles and stroganoffs in it.

In fact we have two, I have been known to have a huge lasagna in one and an apple crumble in another – yum!


On the opposite side to the Kitchen Aid mixer, is our food processor.

Now I know professionals would not agree, but honestly this baby make the best pastry!

Coleslaw, hummus, falafels, you name it, your wish is this machine’s command, expertly executed in minutes.

It is fabulous and everything goes into the dishwasher.

That concludes the tour around my kitchen, exploring my favourite things!

What are your favourite things in your kitchen?


For the avoidance of doubt – nothing was sponsored in this post, it is purely my views on the things I love ha!

Have a lovely day!

33 thoughts on “A few of my Favourite Things!

  1. You have a Kitchen Aid! I am never speaking to you again!* 😉

    *obviously I will speak to you again, I’m just being over dramatic. I have actually dreamt about owning a Kitchen Aid. 😢 xxx

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  2. I want to move into your kitchen please, especially since you now have room for me 🙂 I think I might need to do a little kitchen tour as I am learning to love ours, slowly X #HomeEtc

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  3. Oooh you’re lovely kitchen and ALL those appliances Lisa!!! Wowser, I can see you like cooking my lovely. A lovely little looksee into the hub of your gorgeous home.
    We’re just in the middle of having ours re-fitted and it’s not quite finished yet, so I can’t say what’s my favourite bit, but for the moment it’s the gorgeous new white with a sparkle work top – lush is all I can say ha ha.
    Sammy xxx

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  4. I am a little bit green eyed after seeing all your lovely kitchen gadgets. I am convinced that if I had a kitchenaid, I would be immediately transformed into a domestic goddess! (My husband, the chef in our house, is not convinced enough to part with the cash!) Thanks for the tour, I love to take a little sneak peak into other people’s homes! #HomeEtc xx

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  5. Your kitchen looks lovely. We too have a big kitchen after extending it some time ago. However like everything else in this house it never got finished. My favourite thing in the kitchen? Well apart from the door out of it, it has to be my hubby. He might never finish anything but he does cook gorgeous meals so I’ll forgive him for his inability to see a project through. I just wish he’d remember it ceased to be part of the garage many years ago and stop leaving tool boxes, inner tubes, and general garage type items around the perimeter of the kitchen floor.

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  6. I want to live with you! You’re making me hungry! Ooooooh your home sounds amazing, and this kitchen so fantastic. I agree that it’s the heart isn’t it? We are always in ours. Your home sounds lovely. Thanks for linking up and sharing, much appreciated. Great to have you. Jess xx


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  7. Aaah do you know what? My Kitchen Aid mixer is one of my prized possessions too!!! I’ve got a red one that matches my AGA and I blooming love it!! Amazing how a piece of inanimate metal gets under your skin isn’t it?! So glad it’s not just me!!!! 🙂 Thanks for linking up with us lovely! Hope to see you again next week! #HomeEtc

    Caro | http://www.thetwinklediaries.co.uk

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  8. Oh my I love your kitchen. Our kitchen is quite small and I dream of a kitchen like yours that is the hub of the home. Very jealous of all your kitchen aids too. I think the favourite thing in my kitchen is the noticeboard (lame answer) but without that I would never know where the kids have to be lol x

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  9. Lisa, I love your kitchen! It reminds me a bit of mine 🙂 White and red feature largely in mine too. I love my food processor and am saving for a Kitchen Aid since my very well-loved old red mixer crashed off the worktop and smashed in two on the kitchen floor. I was devastated. I actually cried!
    Isn’t it such a pleasure to have in your house such a warm, cosy room that you all love? Thanks so much for sharing it. x

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