Let’s make Pom Poms!

When I was asked what I was up to on Instagram recently, I posted a picture, mid creation, of these Pom Poms.


There were comments left about having talent ha!,

I do not have any crafting skills at all, they are so easy, that even the talentless like me can make them.

I promised a tutorial to prove it.

Step 1


Assemble – tissue paper, scissors, curling ribbon, ruler and pencil.

I planned to use  9 sheets for each Pom Pom but used 11 in one by accident, it was much better.

Step 2


Stretch out the sheets, I added the lilac to the top for the middle bit of interest to the pom.

Then measure and draw little lines about an inch and a half apart.

This helps to space the concertina.

Then fold the paper in a concertina fashion to the end.

Step 3


Fold the paper, still in concertina form, in half.

Then tie a length of curling ribbon around the centre, at the fold, of the paper.

Step 4


Then cut the ends of the paper. This neatens it up and also gives a nice finish to the pom pom.

I chose to make mine round because I wanted a nice soft effect, but I have seen them pointed and they look good too.

Step 5


Open the concertina and start to carefully separate the layers of tissue paper.


This can be quite tricky because the tissue is so delicate, however it is quite forgiving and any small tares seem to blend in.


There you have it, simple!

But I think they look really effective.


This is what happened to them, I used them to decorate my lovely friend at work’s desk.

She is off to marry her soul mate and she deserves health and happiness always.

The possibilities for these Pom Poms are endless, especially when we finally get to hold our “dos” in The Chapel – I think they will look great!


Have a lovely day!



34 thoughts on “Let’s make Pom Poms!

  1. Oh honey I love these! Haha would you believe I was going to ask you to make me some up for Holly’s birthday on the 17th 😶. But seeing as you’ve put a lovely tutorial up I guess I shouldn’t be lazy and that I should try my hand at it lol.xx

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  2. Ahh Lisa I love them and think even I might be able to do those ha ha. Gonna give them a go when it stops raining long enough for me to get to the tissue paper shop.
    Great little tutorial and thanks for sharing hunnie xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh my gosh you are actually amazing! I love pom poms, but I admit I’ve only just discovered them recently and I only love them as you can buy them ready made (OK you have to pull them out) here in the BVI. We can buy absolutely nothing here – so to have pom poms just shows how many kids parties and baby showers go on over here! It’s fab that they are so simple to make! Thank you for sharing! #homeetc

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  4. The Pom Pom’s are very pretty and I like the colours. Along with others I thought how very tastefully decorated your friends desk was, much more subtle and pretty than the garish banners, balloons and streamers usually associated with workplace colleague celebrations.

    I won’t be attempting to make them though. Myself, tissue paper and creativity would not get on well, though I did make a lego racing car this evening from scratch with the help of my grandson and was quite impressed at my achievement (with his help of course) 😉

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  5. They look great, and take me right back – I used to make pom poms similar to these with my mum. I’ve no idea what we used them for but I’m pretty sure they were pink (everything for my mum is pink!) #homeetc

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