Blinded by the light!


When we first moved into our house, I thought that I would have Roman Blinds on all the windows.

However, the show house had them and it quickly became apparent that they were going to prove very popular on The glade and so,  I held fire.

I covered the living room and bedroom windows with curtains in the interim.


We are restricted as to what we can do with the walls of the house for another year, while they dry out properly.

Therefore, I used the curtains to inject a bit of pattern into the rooms.

That is, with the exception of the youngest’s windows because she needed blackout curtains.


This little window is at the top of the stairs and right next to the youngest’s room, it has the only roman blind in the house on it because I thought it would look neater.

This summer, the brightness pouring through the window has proved to be a bit of an issue for Miss Glade. 

Personally, I think that we shouldn’t complain about bright days but apparently, it has meant 4am wake ups which, it appears is unacceptable – kids eh!

A solution needs to be found.


 These white venetian blinds in my kitchen are my favourite window treatments in the house.

I love american style Plantation Shutters but lots of local companies have stopped doing them.

I didn’t trust my measuring skills enough to order them online.Therefore, I compromised and these white blinds have been in my kitchen ever since.

I love the uncluttered, sleek look.

All of our windows are little boxy ones with (allegedly), straight corners.

So, feeling a bit more confident about my measurements, I have been having a look online.

The VELUX Blind direct website is full of ideas. I am thinking that the little  blind that I have on the top of the landing could be replaced by a black out Roman Blind.

However, they also do venetian blinds like the kitchen ones, with full light control – I am torn!

What do you think?

One thing is certain, the youngest won’t tolerate another summer of my dithering.


Have a lovely day!

Disclaimer – Excitingly,  VELUX have asked me to mention them in this post,    however I probably would have done anyway because I love the options they have available and, more importantly, their website is easy to navigate ha!









27 thoughts on “Blinded by the light!

  1. I love how you are using your curtains to bring pattern and colour into the house while you wait for the walls to dry out, Lisa.

    Ahh, black out blinds / curtains are on my ‘must buy’ list for next year – I can’t have another summer of being woken up at 4am by a 4yr old. 😂 xxx

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  2. I love how you are using curtains to inject some pattern and colour into your rooms until the wall dries out.

    Ahh, black out blinds are on my ‘must buy’ list for next year. I can’t have another summer of being woken at 4am by a 4yr old! 😂

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  3. Venetian blinds always make me fear dust, I don’t know why. I’ve never had them and yet I imagine they’re a pain to keep clean. Shutters would be lovely. We had electronic ones in Zurich that were on the outside of the building and when up and down with a push of the button. They were genius and blocked out all light. I’d probably opt for a Roman blind though, in the end 🙂

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    1. You see that is exactly what I feared and actually they are not nearly as bad and, we still have the builders on the development. I would love love love those shutters, they were popular in Spain too! I do love Roman Blinds and the patterns – I am leaning that way! Thanks Rachel xx


  4. This is very timely as we’re having plantation shutters fitted across the windows at the front of the house today! I love Roman blinds too and would probably go for those in our back bedroom. Like your daughter though I’m a huge fan of darkness when trying to sleep and can really recommend Velux. Your home sounds lovely X

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  5. I can relate to the glaring light, it absolutely streams through the back of the house straight into the kitchen. Struggling to come up with a suitable solution the window being an odd shaped bay + the expense of catering for the odd shape! Hard with little ones though I’m sure you will find a solution x

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  6. For a small window, especially on the landing I think I would go with Roman Blinds as they are very decorative and I think maybe a landing window calls for decorative? I didn’t know the shutter type blinds were called plantation blinds. There’s quite a few of those popped up in the houses where I live but must admit I thought they would block out a lot of light.

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    1. I think you can let in or block out as much of the light as like with the shutters, they are very cleaver. My aunt in the U.S. Calls them plantation blinds and they are the ones I like, I didn’t think but they might be something different here. People seem to know what I mean when I ask about them ha! Thank you, I am leaning towards a Roman Blind for that reason, there are some lovely designs xxx

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      1. I’ve just googled them and yes it is the ones I’ve seen at neighbours windows. I couldn’t make out what they were when I first started noticing them, I had no idea they were shutters.

        Our windows are all huge, early 70’s type windows that stretch the full width of the house. Let lots of light in but cost a fortune to dress. I’d need a mortgage for blinds so I tend not to pay a lot of attention to them.

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      2. Ahhh!! I have just moved from a 1970’s house that sounds the same. They had to have bespoked blinds too because they were so huge. I thought a new build would be standard but no not this house ha! The shutters are lovely, I’ve liked them for years but as you say, needed a mortgage to pay for them xx

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  7. Ooh i love this debate, i love window dressing and love the idea of plantation blinds, we have curtains in our lounge at the moment and love them but had roman blinds in our last house which I also loved its a tough one isn’t it? x

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  8. I’m definitely a curtains girl, but I really love Roman blinds. My husband has a special Velux blind in his office which he always raves about – it does something clever with the heat and light and really works. We ripped the shutters out of our bay window when we moved in (they weren’t that nice – more a dodgy DIY fretwork screen). We left them in the front garden ready to take to the tip, but they were gone by the morning. I always wondered who’s house they ended up in! #HomeEtc

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  9. Eek! 4am starts – wow, I’d be straight down the blind shop (or website) and pinning it up to the windows pronto for an attempt at a later wake up time! I’ve just got a wooden venetian blind in my spare room and I love it, and am starting to be a bit of a blind convert with another one being considered for the porch which is a small window that won’t cope with an overly fussy treatment – good luck choosing! #homeetc

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  10. I too am in the dilemma of what blinds and where! Still have a lot of windows with nothing on them at the moment but they are such a big part of the room that it needs thought! Good luck and thanks SO much for linking up! Jess xxx


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  11. We’ve got a combination of curtains and blinds at The Barn and I’m a fan of both to be honest – I think it depends on the room and it’s use. We have Velux blinds in both the little people’s rooms because they have attic rooms and the windows are on the roof – thank fully they do cut out almost all of the light. Love the colour and texture you’ve added with your choices and a big YES to black out blinds! #HomeEtc

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