Holidays are nice but……….!

Amy is taking a well-earned break from hosting Five on Friday for August.

Therefore, I have jumped at the chance to join in with Steph from Diary from a Midlife Mummy and her lovely What I have Loved This Week link.

We returned home in the early hours of Tuesday morning from our recent holidays.

Later that day, himself was dispatched to collect our black labrador, Jack, who had been billeted at his mum’s house for the duration of our travels.

This week I have loved taking him for his evening walk.


It is nice to go on holiday, but we all miss Jack when we are away.

I think he missed us too and has reverted straight back into his routine, without any readjusting!


We live on the boundary of a country park and the woods are beautiful. It is such a peaceful place in the evening when the hoards of visitors have left.

For me, there is nothing better than coming home from a long day at work and heading for the cool but sheltered woods with the boy in tow – I love it!


Jack is such a huge part of our family, therefore it is nice to go on holiday but, it is also nice to come back home and have the missing link restored.

So, in short this week I’ve loved –  walking the dog!

I also love the badge for this link up – isn’t it gorgeous?


Have a lovely day!

15 thoughts on “Holidays are nice but……….!

  1. Oh lovely their always so excited when you come back. Although the last time we went away I had to physically remove Winston from my mother in laws I think he preferred it there……sob…. #thisweekiveloved

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  2. That’s so lovely that he is such a huge part of your family. I don’t have any pets ( many be when the kids are a bit older!) and what a beautiful place to live. You’re very lucky to have that on your doorstep. Thanks so much for linking up #thisweekiveloved xx

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  3. I so totally get that; it’s horrid leaving them behind, but I’m sure really they’re ok and don’t give us a second thought. Having said that, we had to put the mog into a cattery when we went to Norfolk and since she came home she hasn’t stopped following me and sitting on me every opportunity she can – think she realised how lovely home really is lol.
    Lovely pics hun xxx

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