My Captured moment #17


For the last couple of weeks we have been on holiday in mainland Spain.

In 2006,  we enjoyed two weeks in Almeria, and had a great time.

This week’s My Captured Moment is of the littlest on that holiday enjoying, maybe, the carousel.

This picture makes me laugh because she was always difficult to impress,  I remember whooping from the sidelines trying to encourage some excitement.

But, as always, if she wasn’t feeling it, she wasn’t going to pretend.

She has not changed one bit!


Have a lovely day!




17 thoughts on “My Captured moment #17

  1. Oh my gosh – I’ve totally been there! Not to your holiday destination 😉 but trying my damnedest to get the girls to smile on some sort of ride which as a parent I thought they’d love!! Brilliant moment to capture. Steph xxx #MyCapturedMoment

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  2. I love this so much! “She so hard to impress”! Amazing! I have a daughter who thinks carrier bags and pigeons are amazing, so I can’t completely relate 😉 but I just love how quickly personalities are formed. x


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  3. Awwww bless her … makes me smile because MasterB was the same on fairground rides – much too scary!!


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