When storage is a problem!

WARNING- This is not a pretty post! But it is practical!

When we bought our house off plan, I immediately realised that the sacrifice to live in such a pretty place, would be that storage space would be limited.

We are a family that needs storage.

Therefore, within 24 hours of completing on the property, ‘The Loft Man” arrived

. Actually, three men turned up, boarded the loft, installed two lights and a ladder, then voila – one usable space was created!


Most things are packed into clear boxes so we can easily see what each contains.

Hanging rails contain dresses that I rarely wear.

Mulled wine glasses are safety stowed until the season calls for them.


There are actually two shoe racks and a box contains my ‘going out’ shoes.

I have a bit of a shoe thing, if you follow me on Instagram you might have seen that I have brought three pairs of the same shoes back off my holidays – sorry – not really ha!


Moving on, I now have somewhere to store the heavy winter coats, in the summer.

There are also hooks for various overnight bags and rucksacks.


First Communion dresses and a shared christening robe are carefully stored at the far end of the space, with the odd evening dress.

Finally, every loft contains Christmas decorations and ours is no exception.

These pictures might look a bit messy but I know where everything is.

This arrangement has made living in our little house possible.

Where do you store such necessities?


Have a lovely day!

22 thoughts on “When storage is a problem!

  1. Your loft looks highly organised to me!!!! I am generally not allowed into our loft, as hubby likes to do the going up there, the stuff is in boxes, but I am sure that there is a lot of stuff that we don’t need and I am always trying to weed it out! As for what we do, just cram it in all over the place! You always need more storage!!!! xx


  2. I LOVE posts like this – real problem solving! I did a similar post with our understairs cupboard a couple of weeks ago. Great organisation on the storage front too and well done for it getting it sorted so quickly! X #HomeEtc

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  3. Wow what a fab storage space! And really organised too! We have just moved in our new home and have a garage (we never had this before) and a 5th bedroom which I plan to use for extra storage so I am in heaven!! Thanks for sharing yours, this looks great.

    Jess x #HomeEtc

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  4. I blooming LOVE the fact that there’s a ‘Loft Man’ — or 3!!! I think we need them to come here!! We have a little storage space in the roof above our ensuite bathroom but I don’t think it’s boarded — or habitable — at the mo. The last time I opened the hatch, lots of ancient bird poo fell out!!!! YUK!! Thanks so much for linking up with #HomeEtc — hope to see you again next week! x

    Caro | http://www.thetwinklediaries.co.uk

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  5. Ha I got so much stuff in the loft… We too have a problem with storage space and our little loft isn’t quite enough 😦 would really need to de clutter… Yours doesn’t look too bad though! Plenty of space for even more stuff 🙂 #homeetc

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  6. It looks very organised and probably the best use of loft space I’ve ever seen. We don’t have a loft because we have two bedrooms and a bathroom in our roof, so while that gives us the extra room space we do miss out on storage a bit. We’ve a massive built in wardrobe in the larger bedroom which has things like christmas decs in and our winter coats (actually all our coats) and the spare duvets – the other god send is a divan with drawers 🙂 #homeetc

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