The Anniversary!

We have been away to Spain for a couple of weeks with only sporadic access to the internet. When we did manage to find wifi, it took so long to load anything that, more often the connect was lost before it was completed.

Eventually, I had to give up on my plans to blog throughout. I have so much to catch up on and will be spamming your comments shortly ha!

The Anniversary


This picture was taken on the 28th July 1990!

We went away to mark the occasion, it wasn’t quite the break we had planned but then they rarely are.

I don’t look like this anymore, indeed when this photo was on display,  himself was often asked if this picture was of him with his first wife.

We were so very young, well I was ha!

Happy belated anniversary Dominic!

When we get used to this marriage thing, we really should have a plan, we can’t wing it forever – can we?

Have a lovely day!

13 thoughts on “The Anniversary!

  1. Ha ha ha! Did you just put “plan” & “marriage” in the same sentence? Many congratulations to you both! It’s no mean feat making it to 25 yrs! me ‘n’ him will be joining your club in November x

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