Love / Hate Blogger Challenge!

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I have been nominated by both the lovely Becky who is The cuddle Fairy and the wonderful Catherine from Pushing the Moon, for this challenge. It has taken me such a long time to do it – sorry ladies x

The challenge is to list ten things that you love and ten you hate – to get to know each other a bit better!

I could have written both of Becky’s and Catherine’s lists, so sorry if some of our things are the same.

Ten things I love

My family

Our garden that we are trying to create from scratch

Jack our black labrador

Baking delicious treats

Cuddling new born babies

Yankee Candles

New shoes

The Glade but especially the neighbours

Being by the sea

Flowers everywhere & anywhere

Ten Things I hate

Inconsiderate behaviour especially from fellow drivers and dog owners!

Packing houses/suitcases/lunches

Unkindness or worse, bullying! And don’t get me started on if the victim is a child or an animal!



Meat – I am a vegetarian

When the housework needs doing

Bad manners

Tomatos but love anything tomato flavoured

Being cold!!!!!

I think I have to nominate some other blogger to take part now, so;

Sammy from Seize Each Day

Muddy Mum from Mud and Nettles

Maria from Suburban Mum

Amy from Love Made my home

Stevie from Cornish Mum

Sandy from Mommy’s Little Princesses

Tara from After the Rain

Caro from The Twinkles Diary

Hayley from Hayley from Home

Do you lovely ladies fancy having a go? or anyone else fancy it?


Have a lovely day!


12 thoughts on “Love / Hate Blogger Challenge!

  1. Great list!! It’d be impossible not to overlap each other – especially when we have such great taste lol Newborn babies & packing lunches – absolutely!! Thanks so much for accepting the nomination x


  2. Great ‘loves’ and I’m with you on a lot of them and I’m DEFINITELY with you on hate being cold!!! Brrrr not nice and makes me very unhappy.
    Thanks for the tag lovely Lisa – I’m on it xxx

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