Five on Friday! 


There is so much happening at The Glade HQ at the moment that strictly speaking, I should not be blogging today at all.

So this is the quick edition of five things that have made me smile this week.


 My gorgeous new Cath Kidston mug, it was a gift off one of my best friends. She also bought me the matching apron.

I have loved drinking my morning coffee out of it this week.


I treated myself to a brand new laptop. I was trying to manage on an iPad but it was so difficult and I couldn’t size pictures properly.

I have not had much time to get used to it yet, but already I like it a lot!


I have had these flowers on my kitchen table for over a week now and they are as beautiful as the day they were give to me.

I love having flowers in the house.


 Himself and I met friends for dinner on Saturday night and this Baklava was delicious.

The waiter claimed it was just out of the oven  and he had made it himself.I’m not sure if that was true or not,  but it was scrumptious all the same.


I had a meeting this week in an office next to the River Mersey.

My short walk took me past the Liver Buildings, the sky was blue and there was a gentle breeze.

It was a lovely journey to make to a meeting and I arrived in the best of spirits.


As always I am joining with Amy from Love Made My Home for her Five On Friday!

Have a lovely day!


24 thoughts on “Five on Friday! 

  1. I like your snazzy border round the photos, it sets them off so well. It looks like you’re having some good weather up there, everything looks so colourful in the sun, even the indoor things! Karen x

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  2. Five lovely things, and I love your collage of photos. Great to have a new laptop. My husband’s Uncle worked at Royal Liver he remembers, as a child, going over on the ferry and being taken into that building and up near the liverbirds:)

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  3. Oh, you are going to love that new laptop, trust me. Your week sounded so delightful. And, I think I am in a storybook when I read about you walking by the River Mersey and stuff like that. Have a wonderful weekend.

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  4. Hi! I’ve found your blog through Boo&Maddie, really like the Five on Friday idea. Very jealous of your new MacBook, I’m still struggling on with my white one (nearly 8 years old I think!) until I can justify a lovely new one. Off to check out more of your posts 🙂

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