Our House Anniversary!!

Tomorrow, we will of lived in our house for a year!

I have seen a few people write about how they arrived at their current home to celebrate such an anniversary!

I had a quick glance around the internet’s and realised that most of our old houses are on there, so I thought y’all might be interested to see how we arrived at The Glade.


We we signed up for our first mortgage within weeks of my 18th birthday! We completed on our first, one bedroom house, in January as we got married later that summer – it’s what you did back then!


By the next summer we had out grown that house and moved to three  bedroom mid Victorian terrace. We tore the house apart and spent a year renovating it. We lived in the main bedroom for months.

I remember being desperate for the hall carpet to be fitted before my 21st birthday.

Eventually we became a family of three there!


Seven years later we moved to the South East and rented this little house for six months while we got to know the area.

It had been a difficult time for us because Himself had been commuting to Milton Keynes, leaving me and Ms Glade during the week. I was exhausted because I was also working full time.

Ms Glade had her first garden to play in.


Six months later we decided to buy this house which was a 10 minute walk from the rented one.

We had some lovely neighbours and a beautiful garden.. But the pull of home,  especially Himself’s parents grew too much and, 3 years later we grabbed the opportunity to move back up North.


We lived here for the next 12 years, welcoming Miss Glade and Jack into our family, getting on with work and educational matters. The girls were able to walk the half a mile or so, to their Grandma’s and, have spent lots of lovely times with her as they have grown up.


One year ago we moved to The Glade.

Hopefully, this will be our forever home but it would be nice if it was finished soon!

Looking at these houses doesn’t make me sad or sentimental, I realise that home really is where ever your nearest or dearest are!



I hope my wander down memory lane didn’t bore you too much, I am hoping that you love this link as much as me because, like me, you are nosy, if that’s the case, I bet it was right up your street – see what I did there?!?!

Have a lovely day!


* Pictures that I was missing are snaffled from RightMove!

18 thoughts on “Our House Anniversary!!

  1. It is always interesting to read about other people’s property journeys – you have lived in a lot of places! I have lived in quite a few places too, but I am not sure how I’ll feel about leaving our first family home behind with memories of a newborn and everything… Before it has always been OK, but now a little bit sad. But maybe it’ll be OK like you’ve said :)#homeetc

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  2. It’s good to look back on where we’ve come from isn’t it and remember what was special to us at that point of our lives, I think the houses we choose are a fascinating insight into each of us! Not boring at all 🙂 #HomeEtc

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  3. Gosh what a journey! It’s really lovely to reminisce, I lived in many, many different houses when I was growing up but now OH and I have bought finally (London prices are crazy!) I’m hoping we’ll be in it for many, many years to come. Your new home looks beautiful x #HomeEtc

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  4. Wow, your first mortgage at 18! Good on you. You’ve had quite a few moves, haven’t you? I remember that from your kitchen table post 🙂
    I’m too sentimental to move much, but luckily we found a house in the area we want to be in and with just enough room for us all.
    I’m glad you’ve arrived at your forever home.
    Fionnuala from http://www.threesonslater.blogspot.com

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  5. Ahhhh I love this post Lisa – great idea. Glad to see you’ve moved as many times as we have lol. Your home at The Glade looks gorgeous hunnie.
    Sammy xxx

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  6. Aw Lisa such a beautiful post, I love the Glade it is beautiful and it is so lovely looking back. You are so right, home is where you lovely family are that is what is important xx

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  7. Your MK homes look vaguerly familiar to me – but then lots of houses in MK look similar! We lived on Great Holm and then moved to Oldbrook. Your second to last house looks familiar too – it isn’t in Maghull is it? My mum lives near there and there are definitely some houses that look like that!

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    1. Ha! I know them both. The first house in MK was in Walnut Tree and the second in Monkston. The last one was over here on the Wirral but that style does seem to pop up all over the place ha! xx


  8. Oh wow you have moved and lived in some different properties. As you know we are off to Worcester now for our BIG move and to a new build! yay 🙂 Lovely round up of houses and what a fab post. Really enjoyed it. Thanks for linking up again lovely – much appreciated 🙂 Jess



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