My Captured Moment! A note to my eldest! #12

I have changed My Captured Moment at the last-minute, this should have been next weeks, but a certain someone needs a bit of support today!



This is Ms Glade. She is about 9 and at The Castle Museum in York. She was having a great time, taking part in all the activities, totally inhibited and carefree, just as a 9-year-old should be.

As far back as 2004, she wanted to be a teacher. Now, she is on the last stretch of her first year in University studying Primary Teaching – it’s her dream.

But she is struggling, most of her friends have finished for the summer and gone home/abroad/moved on. She is virtually alone in the house that she shared with another 11 gals that she got on so well with. She is missing them and their company.

She had a never-ending workload of marking, planning and preparing lessons for her placement classes. She is trekking so far across Manchester everyday, that she is lucky to get home by 8.30pm!

We are so proud of her! We are so proud of how hard she is working and trying. Her own learning restrictions mean that she has to be on top of her game at every turn. Some days she isn’t, but she shows a level of maturity and determination that leaves a lump in my throat whenever I think of her, always striving, always trying.

I love this Captured Moment when life was so much simpler for her and everyday was about fun!

You can do this E, you deserve to succeed and any class would be lucky to have you twinkle!!!





Have have a lovely day!



21 thoughts on “My Captured Moment! A note to my eldest! #12

  1. Just sending my words of encouragement to Ms Glade too! Well done for getting thus far and Keep Going. Following a dream is not always worth it, but I hope that she will find it worth it all in the end. She will need lots of strength, determination, love & support to make it in primary teaching – it’s bloody hard work for little recognition – but education needs people like her. Give her a hug from me!


  2. Awwww cute pic Lisa with a gorgeous smile from lil Miss Glade. Hope she’s rallying and doing her thing and believing in herself. #MyCapturedMoment
    Sammy xxx


  3. You must be so very proud. It’s fantastic what she is achieving even though it must be so difficult for her at the moment. Good for you for being her cheerleader. X


  4. Hang on in there Ms Glade, it sounds as though you are doing an amazing job and as though you will keep on doing really well!! I think it is great that you are tackling something that is a challenge for you and you are doing so well with it, that will stand you in great stead as a teacher because you will understand how your pupils feel so I am sure that you will be a wonderful teacher!!!! Well done for all that you have done already!!!! xx

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  5. Nothing beats a mum’s love, support and pride in her child. You’re clearly very proud of your little girl and by the sounds of it you have every right. All the best Miss Glade, you’ll get there! Thank you do much for linking up to #MyCapturedMoment xx


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