Wandering around Albert Dock! 

This weekend there was a music festival of sorts at The Pier Head in Liverpool, a continuation of the celebration to mark Cunard’s 175th Anniversary.


There was a ship in the dock next to the stage which I thought was very fitting.


This ferry has been decorated by Peter Blake to mark the anniversary, but if you look at that water you will have some indication of just how windy it was. It was also freezing cold!

We decided to wander onto Albert Dock and see if we could find anywhere more sheltered, we did have Jack and the youngest with us after all.

Albert Dock was looking magnificent and it was full of tourists who seem to be missing their dogs that they had left at home, Jack was delighted!

There was all sorts of things going on, I think these sailor’s were either being arrested or off to perform a routine, it was too crowded to see where there went.

This Anniversary really has been celebrated in style in Liverpool, I have been really impressed with how the events have been organised and thought out.

Albert Dock is definitely one of my favourite places to visit in Liverpool.




Have a lovely day!

21 thoughts on “Wandering around Albert Dock! 

  1. It looks great. It’s been such a long time since I visited Liverpool but will be doing so on a regular basis in a few months time. I’m looking forward to having a good look around and doing the touristy stuff. X

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    1. Oh yes you should!! We even have geo caches up here 😉 and the city centre is only minutes from the Wirral or North Wales! There are loads of free museums for the children and there is always something going on xx


  2. I can see why you love wondering around there, it looks like a different world. Maybe a warmer day next time, thanks for your support and linking up with Mummy & Us xx

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  3. I love walking around the Docks. Always something there to catch your eye, whether that be boats or people! The ships are just amazing. I never realised how big they were until I drove in and mistook one for a hotel. Breath-taking. Was itching to go to the Cunard ceremony but just too many people or a toddler and also for an adult that hates being in crowds. Thanks for sharing your photos. #PointShoot

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    1. Hello!! I think we might almost be neighbours! I wanted to see the ships too but didn’t go, I have heard some real horror stories about people being stranded in Liverpool City Centre and not able to move though. I saw the last two ships later on the Monday from Port Sunlight. I do love Albert Dock, it is fab and there is always something going on. Thank you for popping by xx


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