My Captured Moment #11

I like to bake and I think that I might have passed my love of cake onto both my girls.


My Captured Moment was taken in 2006 when the littlest was 3. I know this for sure  because she has had her hair cut short, as recommended by the doctors when, she was finally discharged from hospital.

I remember this day so well, she had hardly been eating and suddenly became obsessed with “baking cake”. She was delighted and wanted to do as much as she could herself.


She was thrilled with the end result, sitting guard over it while inviting us all to compliment her skills.

As always I am linking with Heledd for My Captured Moment, such a lovely link full of fabulous pictures of wonderful moments.


Have a lovely day!

16 thoughts on “My Captured Moment #11

  1. Ah that must have been such a relief when she found her love for food again, and bless her she looks so proud of her creation x

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  2. Ahh what a lovely memory 🙂 Really interesting, as Tyler is 3 now and just this week he’s been nagging my mum to make cakes for him, and obsessed with watching this cake tuturial video on her photo. We thought it was a bit strange, but now you’ve written this post, maybe it’s an age 3 thing! #mycapturedmoment
    Sabrina xx

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