Speke Hall – A walking tour!

As another weekend of gloomy weather beckoned,  Jack still needed to be walked so off we went to Speke Hall.


Unusually for us, we didn’t visit the house this time. Instead, we chose to make the most of the dry weather and explore the grounds. We were hoping to do a bit of a Geo Cashing but when we read the reviews online, it seems they may have been moved and my phone was rapidly running out of charge.


So  instead, we wandered through the garden to the pond. It was such a peaceful place that looked lovely even on such a dull day. I liked the reflection of the trees in the pond and tried to capture it, you may have to use your imagination here,or just believe me that it was a very pleasing sight.


Eventually, we continued our walk around the perimeter and came to a clearing in the wooded area, we could see the River Mersey and somewhere, not too far away, on the other side is our house. It was strange seeing the opposite coastline, we are so used to looking over in this direction, but we could make out The Eastham Ferry Hotel, so all was well ha!

We completed the circular walk and ended up back in the garden which was full of beautiful flowers. These pink ones were everywhere and looked so perfect.

I was told this Ice cream was Cornish but I wasn’t convinced, despite checking with the lady selling them. What do you think? Too pale? Me too!



 Have a lovely day!

37 thoughts on “Speke Hall – A walking tour!

  1. Lovely Speke! I went last year after not going for many many years! The walk down to the river is very good. We had a very enjoyable lunch in the restaurant, and like Teacuptoria I’d go for tea-and-cakes rather than ice cream!

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  2. I love the pond reflecting the trees – it’s unusual to have trees reflected in a piece of rippled water – it makes it more effective. Now are those pink flowers rhododendrons or hydrangeas? They’re very bright and full aren’t they? Judy.

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