The House that Jack built!

I should have really started the new HomeEtc linky last week with this post.

Our house is a new build, we have lived here for almost a year now. I won’t dwell on the details but suffice to say, it hasn’t been an easy year and the house is still not finished.

The Jack in the title is not our dog but Jack from the nursery rhyme – I will leave it there!

As everyone with a new house will know, there are lots of things interior design wise, that you cannot do for the first two years – snagging aside. Therefore, this link is going to be a great way for me to record the changes because,  although we do have mostly brand new fixtures and fittings, we still have builder’s magnolia on every wall.

Here are a few pictures that compare the construction stage with now:


The picture at the top was taken on the 1st March 2014. This was a concern because we were due to move in May, of course we didn’t, it was the first of our set backs.

imageThis top picture was taken in June 2014, we couldn’t get near to the site for a long time because it was surrounded with fences that were mostly covered up. A cynic might think this was because the builders didn’t want us to see the lack of progress mmm…….


The top picture was taken just 10 days before we moved in. Everything was a terrible rush at the end, the builders crammed everything in to ensure we were moved in by their half-year end. The house wasn’t ready!

image The house stands on the site of an old college building that was found unsuitable by Ofstead some years ago. The site is located in a green belt area and as I understand it, the land was sold on the understanding that the footprint for all the houses was not to exceed those of the original college building.

This picture of The Chapel shows the college building on the right which is where our house is now as seen.

Eventually The Chapel is going to be our Community Centre – we are waiting for the builders!

Issues aside, we love living here, the area is beautiful, most of the neighbours are fab and it is really handy for the school bus. I love the symmetry of the house and feel it’s quite well balanced, there is lots of natural sunlight with all of the windows. Nevertheless,  we still do have many outstanding issues with the builders and their “customer service” is shocking!



So pop around each Wednesday when I join Jess from Mummy to Boy Girl Twins and Caro from The Twinkle Diaries in their new link HomeEtc.  I will show you around and hopefully, you can advise me when I run out of inspiration!


A massive congratulations to Caro, she has won the Principality Building Society competition with this post about what home means to her, it fabulous!

Have a lovely day!



38 thoughts on “The House that Jack built!

  1. Gosh it sounds as though it was quite an adventure to get into your new home! It looks like a lovely house in a lovely area though so I am sure that the wait was worth it even though it probably didn’t feel like it at the time!! Your front door look lovely with the pots and plants either side, I really like that look!! xx

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  2. The entrance to your home certainly looks lovely and welcoming. It must have been quite something to see it built from the very start. I hope any issues you have with it are soon sorted and you have the home you’ve always dreamt of. I wish I had a home I loved, so for now I will just be grateful for a roof over my head. X

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    1. Thank you very much! It was a worry because I never thought it would be finished in time and it still isn’t ha! You do live in a beautiful part of the world though and I never loved our first house! One day it will happen lovely and like me, you will appreciate it xxx


  3. You’re getting me excited for our new house now! Although hope it goes a little smoother! Cannot wait for you to open the doors and show us around! Eeeeek! Thanks for linking up, great to have you lovely lady 🙂 Jess x #HomeEtc

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    1. Oh Jess we have just been unlucky with the builders. Also I was really gullible and believed everything the sales office told us, I bet you are far more realistic than me. But it is exciting because you do have a blank canvas eeekkk!!! xx


  4. Your house looks lovely. I live in a relatively new build too. We were ‘lucky’ though as we rented it out for the first year so the tenants dealt with most of the snagging list for us, although there wasn’t a great deal wrong to be honest. I actually know where you live (sorry, if this freaks you out a bit). I worked at the Vauxhall plant for ten years so was in your area most days … but before your house was build, obviously.

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    1. No that does not freak me out at all, I knew I was giving more away than ever but took the gamble ha! Now you know that I am quite near to Mold too so please can you share the flower lady with me?!?! Oh that was lucky with having tenants. I think we have just been unlucky builder wise and we are certainly not alone, we feel like we are in it together with the neighbours. Thank you x


  5. Gosh, new builds can be a pain in the arse sometimes, can’t they?! Glad you got there in the end though.

    Your house looks really pretty. Looking forward to seeing what you do with it on the inside. xx

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    1. I know don’t they just! I only wish they would tell us the truth 😏 I would find that much easier to deal with than constant no shows! But hey it will be worth it in the end – hopefully xx


  6. Aaah *what* a gorgeous post!! I’m so blooming nosey — and I LOVE looking at houses — this is my best kind of post — ticks all the boxes!! I love your home Lisa, it’s gorgeous. And I love the fact it’s got it’s own little wood 🙂 Thanks so much also for sharing my competition win!! I’m so grateful pet — thank you xx Thanks also for linking up and sharing on #HomeEtc

    Caro |

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