We finally found Red Squirrels! 

Yesterday we returned  to Formby Point and I promise,  the picture to the right at the top is of a Red Squirrel!!!!!!!! We finally saw one – well actually three in the end,  it has taken almost 20 years of visiting, but they were worth the wait!

They are so tiny compared to the grey ones and much more timid. The grey ones in The Glade tap on our window when we are eating our breakfast.- so bold!

The Red ones were much more reserved and kept to a safe distance, hence the blurry photograph because I couldn’t get any nearer, even with Jack firmly on his lead.

We also had a bracing walk along the beach, it was really windy and quite chilly. We  cut up the sand dunes a bit further along the beach than usual and at the top we discovered The Asparagus Walk.

It was well marked and in a field near to the beach, we came across  this sculpture (bottom right) of a local farmer Jimmy Lowe who, it seems was a bit of a celebrity  in Asparagus circles back in the 1930’s. It was created by a local sculpturer Simon Archer and there is an audio of him talking about it behind the installation, he was really interesting.

imageWe were there quite early and it really was a dull morning, apparently perfect for Squirrel spotting.

Jack had most of the trail and beach to himself, some squirrels came out to say hello and there was no queue for the refreshment kiosk. It was fab!

We even saw this little chap wandering along the road on the way.



Have a lovely day!




30 thoughts on “We finally found Red Squirrels! 

  1. The Asparagus Walk! I just learned about it for the first time on Countryfile on BBC last night! How strange is that – 2 instances of it in 2 days! I’m glad you saw the red squirrels. Are they endangered?

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  2. Ahhhh! I have never seen that episode I wonder if I can get it on watch again. I don’t think they are endangered but I think they are rare and there were fears for them in the wild. Such a coincidence! Thanks Bronwyn x


  3. I believe you! I have just such a similar photo with a chestnut blob in the middle, taken in the Lake District. The beach looks lovely – how lucky to be so close to one. Judy.

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  4. Fabulous pictures, we love Formby. We haven’t done the squirrel walk yet so definitely going to do that next time. #PointShoot

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