Our Garden Mostly in Pictures!

I desperately wanted to join in with Jess from Mummy of Boy Girl Twins & Caro from  The Twinkles Dairies and their new HomeEct linky.

I love houses and homes, we purchased our first house within weeks of my 18th birthday.

However, since I learned of this new new link we have had nothing but miserable rain and dark skies, not ideal for taking interior pictures. Therefore, I have started with my garden because it was lighter out there.

We moved into our house almost a year ago and the garden was a pile of top soil. Of course, we had to sort out some grass pretty quickly because we have Jack (our black lab). However, other than that, sorting the inside of the house was our priority for the rest of the summer.  Side note: it still isn’t sorted, grrrrr……..builders!!

Therefore, this year I have really taken an interest and tried to make the garden a lovely place to escape to after a long day! I haven’t been able to take any full view pictures because the ground was too wet to mow the grass ha!

In the meantime, here are my favourite parts so far:


I am still undecided about painting the fence, but I love these Fisherman’s Lantern Lights! The wreath is from Ikea,  I like it so much I think I might buy another for the garage door.


My bright pink Geranium reminds me of when we escaped to Crete for a week last year. The other pots contain mint and the remains of a winter display. The paving was done by a friend, it’s a sort of crazy paving design.


This is my favourite part as the garden meets the builder’s path outside. It is so neat and exactly to my taste. I am delighted with how the patio and path have turned out.


Here are my two little Apple Trees, so cute! There was lots of blossom on them a couple of weeks ago so I am hopeful for a good harvest this year ! I got them as presents for my birthday last year. I refer to this bit as The Orchard Quarter ha!


These pots contain Bay leaves, Thyme and a red Camellia. I have just realised that I seem to have planted a lot of food stuffs- well that’s how I roll!


This is a completely unfiltered picture of my Hydrangea, it’s beautiful!

I am hoping that the Honeysuckle and Clematis will cover this trellis in green leaves and flowers, they have both grown considerably already.


Another Ikea purchase is the two little lamps that are a gorgeous shade of Apple Green, who could resist?!?

It is only a very small garden, which is a good job because I am a complete novice, I am simply choosing things that I like the look of and planting them roughly where I think they might survive i.e sheltered or full sun positions ha!

We do have The Glade across the drive if it all goes wrong!

Do you have any advice for me? Please! It can’t be bulbs though because the squirrels steal them!

image Let’s all just admire this beautiful badge for a moment!

Have a lovely day!

31 thoughts on “Our Garden Mostly in Pictures!

  1. I read somewhere that if you have a new garden, you should visit a garden centre once a month and buy something that’s in flower. Then you will have something that looks good all year round.
    When you catch the gardening bug it’s e-x-p-e-n-s-i-v-e.

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  2. Your garden is so lovely! Up until a month ago, ours was a bare mess but we discovered a company called ‘Garden on a Roll’ and it was the best thing for us lazy gardeners as they send you an outline of what and where to plant, and the plants themselves. I’ve just painted our fence a beautiful duck egg blue colour. I wasn’t sure at first but it’s made a massive difference. Works really well against pink flowers so you might want to give it a whirl x

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  3. It looks great and the paving is fab. Try and introduce some height into your garden whether that’s evergreen plants or wooden structures – then when it’s winter you’ll still have some interest out there. Good luck 🙂 #HomeEtc

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  4. I LOVE the lantern lights. They are so pretty. Your garden looks lovely and full of flowers and plants. I am rubbish at gardening and we just seem to kill any flowers or plants we have. I must try harder with this and grow more things in ours. #homeEtc x

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  5. I love the little finishing touches you have in your garden, at the moment we are taking down our old concrete sheds so my garden looks like a bomb has hit it quite literally! Can’t wait til it’s done and lovely new shed up. Stevie xx #HomeEtc

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  6. We have had our first proper garden now for a year and planted some plants a few weeks back that are thriving (now we’ve put slug pellets down anyway since they were busy munching them to death!). We are so proud of ourselves because we too are complete novices! Both you and Jess have now featured lanterns on your posts – I have to have lanterns…they are so cute! #HomeEtc

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  7. I love this post! These ideas are simple but very effective! Those Ikea lamps are gorgeous I want them! The trellis looks stunning and will soon be full of beautiful flowers! Our garden looks so messy at the moment. I need a good weed and planting session but the weather has been awful! Soon I hope. Thanks SO much for linking up – really appreciate it. Jess x #HomeEtc

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    1. Thanks Jess, you are very welcome it’s a great link. You will soon be starting from scratch in your new garden too, at least you will have an idea about what you want, I was clueless! Thanks again x


  8. You seem to have got off to a great start with the garden. We have a lot of food growing in our garden (fruit, berries, herbs) too and it is wonderfil to be able to harvest and eat it. I hope your plants flourish and give you a good harvest.

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  9. Ah it looks so beautiful Lisa, and I love all the lanterns, bring on the hot summers nights when you can sit out by lamp light with a nice glass of wine x

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    1. I love garden pictures too but always think others might think they were boring. Hydrangeas are beautiful, I have to stop myself instagraming them all the time. I have a blue one too that is yet to flower! Sh it’s lovely that you associate them with your lovely grandparents! Thanks for hosting Caro, a great linky x


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