Five on Friday!

I am joining with the lovely Amy from Love Made My Home again this week, for her Five on Friday blog hop.

I am also joining Aby from You Baby me Mummy and Hannah from Mums’ Days for their   Link, The List.

I am reclaiming my blog this week after Miss Glade mistook my family ramblings for a Fashion Blog ha!  She had a wonderful birthday and has asked me to thank you all for your lovely comments and good wishes.


Himself has treated me to a very early Anniversary present and updated my phone. It’s great, I love it but,  I am struggling to get used to some new things. I have also had to change my email address (totally unconnected) so together, I have lost some emails and messages, because it wasn’t synced, I am hopeful that this is just teething issues!



This duck appeared on my route into work yesterday, I have no idea where he came from or why. This kind of spontaneity is what I have really missed in my four years working away from the city.  It is great to be able to hop onto a train in the morning and catch up on my emails and twitters while, being transported into the big city. I just love Liverpool and definitely think of it as my home city, I am delighted to be back!



I am also delighted with this little Acer Tree. I honestly thought it had died and kept meaning to throw it out,  but just look at it now!  This photo doesn’t really do it justice, it is beautiful and with an abundance of buds still to open!



Still in the garden, I can’t decide whether or not to paint this fence. I canvassed for opinions on Instagram , what do you think?  Should himself paint it or not! Did you see what I did there? delegation ladies delegation!



I received a parcel yesterday from Liz Earle.  I have been using most of these products since 1995 when the range was launched. Last weekend I even managed to procure this month’s supply of Cleanse and Polish at 1995 prices – fab eh?!?

That’s it for my five this week.



Have a lovely day!


34 thoughts on “Five on Friday!

  1. Like your list Lisa and looks like you had a good week. New phone oooooh loving it! Glad the Acer tree is making a come back – love those; such gorgeous colours.
    Now Mr Glade’s post above has made me laugh #cheeky!
    Sammy xxx

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  2. Hi Lisa, I think the fence should be painted (see how noncommittal I am about who should paint it!). I painted mine and have never regretted it. The first time I visited Liverpool the superlambananas were everywhere, we loved them. Looks like there’ll be 20 ducks around the city so I may have to visit again. Have a good weekend. x

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  3. Five super things – I think I’d struggle with the phone but I’m sure you will get used to it. The duck is funny – I wonder why it is there? Have a lovely weekend:)

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  4. Looks like you had a fabulous week. Congrats on your new phone and anniversary. I love the duck; he’s so cute just sitting there. It must be fun to work in the city. My best to you 🙂

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  5. I do love a painted fence…..there is a lot of soft green sage in my garden, I use Cuprinol ‘garden shades’. X


  6. Fab list! I desperately need a new phone so am rather jealous. I dropped my brand new HTC down the loo weeks into a 24 month contract and have had a succession of old phones since that all die on me… Can’t wait to get a new one 🙂 #thelist

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  7. No, no, I personally LIKE the rustic/weathered look of the fence behind the colorful wreath!!!
    And a new phone…always fun. I’ll stop here to wish you a happy anniversary by the way. My husband and I just celebrated our 47th on Monday.

    And the Acer Tree….how cool is that? To have you think it had died and then this!!!!!!!!!!!!


  8. I hope you work the phone out! How great about your acer, they are beautiful plants aren’t they. I hope that your first week at your new job has been a good one, I have been thinking of you and sending good thoughts. Sorry to be brief today, but thank you so much for joining in despite me being missing. I hope that you have a great weekend! xx


  9. Lucky you with the new phone. I hope you get used to it soon. I’m also a ‘yes’ for painting the fence. I love the duck. It’s lovely to have random things to make you smile. X


  10. Ooh, I wonder if the ducks are a charity thing where local businesses / artists paint them and then, after being placed in different areas of the city, are auctioned off. We have something similar in Norwich every year -so far there have been gorillas, elephants, hippos and this year they are doing dragons.

    It’s great when a plant miraculously comes back to life, isn’t it! Acers are lovely.

    It sounds like you had a good week – hope the new job is going brilliantly! Xxx


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