Happy Birthday Audrey Hepburn: A guest post by Miss Glade


Hello, fabulous readers, my name is Miss Glade.  I am addicted to Audrey Hepburn and as today would have been her 86th birthday, my wonderful mother, Mrs. Glade (who is, in turn, addicted to taking pictures of my food before I eat it, to share with you- mum’s a blogger probs, eh?) has invited me on to her blog, to tell you my thoughts on my role model and inspiration, Audrey Hepburn.


By today’s standards, she might not be regarded as pretty. However, her elegance and dignity, her gentleness and compassion, speak louder than any pretty face could ever and at the age of fifty, she was, in my opinion, more beautiful than any actress, supermodel or musician of today. As a girl, who has been called ugly in the past, this is the sort of beauty I endeavor to achieve.


In a typical Audrey film, you see that at the beginning, her character is comically selfish and rude, but by the end is gentle and kind to all. Her films made it appear as though she found it easy to find love. However, she was married twice and divorced twice. Therefore, the love-struck heroines that she played seemed to mock the woman whose life was, for the most part, the complete opposite.

Growing up, Audrey’s passion was for dance and she used the money she earned, to help Jews during wartime. Her mother, who gave up all hopes of stardom to have her, was delighted that she was destined for the spotlight and pushed her, almost a little too hard.


Eventually, she taught herself to act, and gave up dance for the silver screen. However, she grew to hate Hollywood and found solace in the quiet hills of Switzerland, and her mother’s delight for her skills turned to jealousy. Anyway, the point of this paragraph was to demonstrate where the quote: Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I’m possible came from. This quote continues to be my inspiration, after I found it about a year ago.

My own love for Audrey has trickled in to the lives of others, well just look at Mrs. Glade’s quote underneath Into The Glade, it’s from a certain somebody!!. I hope, that maybe one day, I can touch people’s lives in the way she touched mine. Thank-you for reading this extremely long post,  it was quite hard trying to put my thoughts on this incredible lady into words, May the 4th be with you, and Mrs. Glade will be back tomorrow with her usual nonsense!



10 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Audrey Hepburn: A guest post by Miss Glade

  1. I’m a big fan of Audrey too, thank you for doing this post. She was quite a lady. I loved her in ‘My Fair Lady’ with Rex Harrison, they made a fantastic pair in a very untraditional sense. X


    1. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the chance to see ‘My Fair Lady’ yet 😭 however it’s on my list of ones to watch, it sounds like a cracker!! My favourite Audrey appearance would have to be in ‘Roman Holiday’ she makes a beautiful Princess! Thanks so much for your comment, Miss Glade xxx


  2. It is very interesting to read this, & to find out thigs I didn’t know about Ms Hepburn. I have always thought that she had a luminous fragile quality about her, which I, as a rather large 6 foot lady, rather envy. And I think she is beautiful too. Thank you Ms Glade for letting us find out more.


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