Happy Days! #8

I am joining in with Katy from What Katy Said and Jenna from Tiny Foot Steps for their Happy Days Link.

I am reverting back to type and writing a list because it fits my week better and Katy and Jenna say it’s ok.

Ten things that have made me happy this week are;

I am happy that I have landed a shiny new job that has turned out to be better than I could have ever imagined, I have been smiling since Thursday.

I am happy that I will be going back to lovely Liverpool to work.

I am happy that there are so many other little people on our development around the same age as Miss Glade, they all have such a lovely time together

imageI am happy that The Glade is in full bud and these little white flowers have appeared in clumps all over the show.

I am happy that there is ‘some’ dry weather forecast for this weekend.

I am happy that Mr G has done the garden  yesterday  and now  I won’t have to keep ‘reminding him’ 😉 all weekend that it needs doing.

I am happy that we have dinner reservations for this evening for a restaurant in a Liverpool that I have wanted to try for ages.

I am happy that our friends are coming to dinner with us, I know we will have a giggle.

I am happy that we have a party planned for about 60 girls next week to celebrate Miss Glade’s 12th birthday and lots of mums have RSVP’d, it’s so much easier when they do.

imageI am happy that there were two Glade Dweller’s birthdays  yesterday and they were both pretty pleased with their baked presents .

We don’t have lots of plans for the weekend, although a neighbour and I have promised to catch up over coffee on Sunday morning. Weekends like this are always my favourite sort, when we decide in the morning where the day might take us.


I hope you all have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend!






18 thoughts on “Happy Days! #8

  1. Ooh the cakes are so pretty, congratulations on the job thats fantastic news and bring on the sun I cant wait xx


  2. Lovely week, massive massive congratulations on the new job! That is fab news! Thank you for joining in with #HappyDaysLinky x


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