Glade Matters!


This  post isn’t about Jack. I just like this picture of him at Thurstaton beach. Although, I am reliably informed that this month is National Pet Month, therefore, I feel it’s justified.

There are lots of pets here in The Glade and, there is hardly a house in parts without a dog living it in. However, this being National Pet Month makes me a little bit sad! Let me explain…..

Our really lovely neighbour T, who lives just over the road from us bought a new puppy last October time. He was a gorgeous bundle of fluff called Milo. He was quite the attraction when she walked him because he was so small and cute.

On the Friday that we were enjoying our day out to Anglesey, Milo was run over and killed by another neighbour! I will spare you the details because by all accounts it was brutal.

He had followed his human dad to the car and he had taken his eye off him for a second, but that is all it takes. It seems that a number of the children were playing out and possibly witnessed the whole thing. It has also been reported that the driver of the car was going too fast, this I believe because I have witnessed it myself.

T is devastated, as I am sure you can imagine. What makes it worse for her,  is that she says the driver has shown no remorse, whatsoever! It is such a shocking thing to happen to our lovely community. The loss of Milo is bad enough but the behaviour of the driver disappoints and surprises many of us.

T has gone away this week,  I hope that helps her to come to terms with it. But I have to say, it’s very sad when we walk past her house with Jack and there is no barking to be heard. Everyone seems to be holding onto their dog’s leads a little bit tighter.

Most of us Glade Dwellers remain shocked, a week and a half on!


Rest in Peace sweet Milo!

10 thoughts on “Glade Matters!

  1. Oh my goodness this is shocking. Sadly accidents do happen, but to have been speeding, had an accident and then show no remorse is awful isn’t it. I cannot imagine how I would feel if I had been the driver, but I would be overflowing with remorse of that I can be sure. Keep your Jack safe won’t you, I know you will. xx


    1. I will keep a close eye on him. It is shocking and that’s what we can’t really understand, we would all be full of remorse! She is heartbroken, he was her fur baby! But there are just so many children we are worried that it might be one of the little ones next time. Thank you Amy xx


  2. Dreadful. Cannot believe some people!!!! Horrid that you have someone living within your neighbourhood who would behave like that. I’m shocked. xxx


  3. Oh no such a horrid thing to happen. Poor poor Milo and how horrible that children might have seen it happen. I can’t believe the driver showed no remorse, I would be completely devastated if that would of been me. xx


    1. The worse thing is, he has two children himself and he has still not slowed down, we are worried it will be one of the little ones next. One of the little girls keeps telling us all about seeing T screaming, poor little thing. I would be devastated too. Thank you x


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