Red Squirrels : Formby Point

My Sunday Photo this week was taken at Formby Point in Liverpool last weekend.

It is a coastal path that includes sand dunes and, a wooded area that houses red squirrels. We have been before when the eldest was a baby and a couple of times since but, we have never seen a red squirrel!


This picture of Jack on top of a sand dune has not had any filters whatsoever used on it. The sky really was that blue and the sand that yellow, it was quite amazing.

imageThis picture shows the view over the top of that sand dune, can you see the Christmas trees lined up?

It was quite bizarre, this looked liked a Christmas tree graveyard. We guess, but don’t really know, that it must be what they do with the trees that don’t sell at Christmas time, some were still wrapped in the netting they come in.

The beach was quite crowded and Jack was a bit skittish at the thought of all the picnics  he could potentially liberate. Therefore, we walked back over the dunes to the wooded area that we had driven through en route to the car park.


We walked the red squirrel trail and, yet again, we didn’t see a single one of the blighters!

However, we have a cunning plan, himself quizzed one of the rangers for the low down, and it seems that we will venture there in time for breakfast in the very near future. Apparently,  it’s the only time they come out to play- who knew?  We are plagued by their grey cousins morning, noon and night in The Glade, but there you go, the red ones must be  shy.

Nevertheless, it was a lovely walk. There was a mobile van selling refreshments and an  ice cream van or two, be warned though, I am reliably informed by Ms Glade that the ice cream was quite expensive ha! I loved it!


On the way home we popped to Crosby Beach to see, Antony Gormley’s ‘Another Place‘.

There are 100 of these cast iron men littered all over the beach, I think they are amazing. He has said that he based them on himself!!

I am not sure if you can see the people on the beach leading to the water, they are all  iron men too. I liked this scene of the tanker crossing between the wind farm and the iron men. I don’t think I like the look of the wind farm very much, but I know some people do.


Have a lovely day!

UPDATE : Please see the brilliant explanations below for why the Christmas trees are there, it’s fab and makes perfect sense!! Thank you ladies xx

14 thoughts on “Red Squirrels : Formby Point

  1. Wonderful pictures – all of them! – the first and last are my favourites I think. Shame that you didn’t see a squirrel, perhaps next time! The Christmas trees might be something to do with building up/protecting sand dunes, I think that I saw something about using old Christmas trees for that on Countryfile some time ago, they are good for trapping the sand I think. Hope you have a good week! xx


  2. I think Amy is right – the trees are used to help stabilise the dunes, rather like marram grass does, I believe. I remember being told that the reds were almost wiped out by some Red Squirrel blight at Formby Point – they used to be prolofic, but now numbers are quite low.
    I love Another Place – and I also love how the locals have taken them to their hearts – dressing them up, including them in photos and so on. Apparently rather a lot of them become Santas nearer Christmas! There was a lot of controversy when they first arrived -originally on a temporary basis – but they became permanent when the locals fought for them (not literally, I don’t think!) Mum doesn’t live far away so we often go and see them when we’re there.


    1. I think she is right too, it makes sense, fab! Thank you. Oh no that’s sad about the squirrels, I will update you if we eventually see any. I have always loved Another Place too, I have seen pictures of them with red noses on Red Nose Day. Oh that’s a lovely place for your mum to live xx


  3. I live literally 30 minutes drive from all of these places but visit so little!! You’ve inspired me to get out to see the ‘squiggles’ on the next bright day I have off – I might even nip into Formby to take in some of the charity shops and nip to Waitrose for the posh crisps….


  4. I’ve never been to formby point or another place – always meant to go – so I’ll definitely go this year (and fingers crossed for the squirrels) I love the beach and im only an hour or so away… the pictures look brilliant – sunny lancashire 🙂


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