Five on Friday!

Hello! I am joining with Amy from Love Made My Home again this week for Five On Friday. It has not been my best ever week so, I have looked for the positives where I could them. This is what I came up with;



I think these beautiful flowers are become one of my favourites. They are out in abundance at the moment. I planted two Camellia plants in my garden over Easter, one in the border and one in a pot. This picture is not of either of those because they haven’t bloomed yet, instead this is one we encountered while out and about this week. So beautiful!



 It has been chilly some days this week which called for Apple Crumble. This one was made in the slow cooker and the house smelled delicious when it was baking. It tasted pretty good too. Mostly we like custard with any crumble but one of our contingent prefers ice cream.

What’s your preferred accompaniment with crumble?



Ordinarily we would choose Sefton Park for a dog walking jaunt, but we mixed it up a bit this week and ventured to Calderstones Park in Liverpool. It is smaller that Sefton Park but has a lovely little lake and cafe. The cafe was full of good stuff and I intend to write a separate post about it.



Wednesday was a pretty miserable day,  the wind and rain didn’t help. In an effort to fortify ourselves for the day ahead we ventured to a local cafe for brunch. It was a lovely treat, the service and food were just what was required. I didn’t manage to get a picture of the food because we were all so hungry, we will have to go again.



I bought this scarf for Miss Glade on Wednesday. It is gorgeous, it has a fringe and yellow pineapples on it. Little Miss loves it and it has been firing her imagination ever since. She has worn it in so many different ways already.

But who doesn’t love pineapples?

That’s my five for this week, clutching at straws, I grant you,  it’s been that kind of week! We are off to the beach in Wales today so, I will be visiting everyone this evening if that’s ok!



I am also linking to Mum’s Days and You Baby me Mummy for The List link up.

Have a lovely day!


36 thoughts on “Five on Friday!

  1. Definitely ice cream with apple crumble for me! It’s the contrast of hot and cold that I find perfect. I think quite a few of us have had a tricky time this week, it’s very odd. I hope you find the trip to the beach restorative, it always does it for me and I am jealous. x


  2. Sorry to hear it’s not been a good week for you. Hopefully, as Spring continues to arrive (I hope!) the sunshine will brighten your days. A beach in Wales sould help with this – we spent our honeymoon (30 years ago!!!) near Conwy and I have fond memories of the place. Of course,; being a Scouser we did visit Wales quite a lot as I was growing up, but the Lakes was my parents’ destination of choice.


    1. Thank you x As a child, I lived in The Lakes for a little while. It is filled with nostalgia for me now, Ambleside and The Lakes school were my stomping ground. I love Conway and will be visiting there soon, stand by for a post ha! Have a lovely weekend x


  3. I love love love pineapples!!! It is always good to see a pineapple as far as I am concerned. I hope that you are feeling better after your day at the beach and that the wind blows all the cobwebs away and blows a whole load of good and lovely things your way. Cherish yourself a little my dear. As for crumble, well, any crumble is yuumy, but it is always custard for me!! Although I wonder what cream would be like…. Thank you so much as always for joining in. I hope that you have a great weekend! xx


  4. Hello, Lisa – oh, I would love ice cream on my crumble, if you please! That sounds like the perfect treat for a rainy day. Camellias are such lovely plants, aren’t they? Like roses on an evergreen! I hope that your trip to the beach helped to end the week on a bright note. The scarf is so feminine – a girl’s dream…xo Karen


  5. I’m a big fan of camellias too – the new house we are moving to has a tiny patchwork of a garden, but one of the few things is has going for it is a well-established camellia – deep red. I’m afraid when I was growing up it was always cream with crumble in our house – maybe my mum just couldn’t be bothered to make custard! Hope your week is getting better, Judy.


  6. Mmm, camellias and crumble, two of my favourite things. I have a tiny white camellia in the front garden that I have high hopes for. It’s even got a bud on it! Custard for me with my crumble please, ice cream is far too cold! Sorry it hasn’t been the best week, I hope you have a good weekend to make up for it.


  7. A good walk and some lovely food always help to lift the spiritis, sorry yours have been low this week – hope things get better soon. Custard/Ice Cream – love both although I do like a warm crumble with ice cream melting over it but if we eat it cold the next day I like custard to warm it a bit:)


  8. Sorry to hear your week hasn’t been great and hope that you enjoyed your trip to the beach, I could just eat some of that apple crumble it looks yummy and that scarf is gorgeous. Hope next week is a better one for you. 🙂 xx


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