My Captured Moment! #4

I absolutely love linking up with Heledd at Running in Lavender for My Captured Moment. It is lovely popping around to see all the other special moments too, I love it!




This is Miss Glade taking, not her very first step, but not far off it. I know this is a special moment for any parent but this picture brings up a whole heap of emotion for me. Let me explain.

Ms Glade was a breach baby, her legs used to swing by her ears whenever her nappy was changed. However, apart from a bit of double nappying, she was fine.

Miss Glade was not a breach baby. However,  when she was checked in hospital and some concerns about her hips were raised, I thought well, we have done this before, we will pop along to the appointment in six weeks, it will be fine.

She wasn’t fine! She was diagnosed with Hip Dysplasia at six weeks. Her beautiful clothes were removed and, she was left in just her vest as she was fitted for a Pavlik Harness. I was devastated.

She didn’t like it, she appeared to be uncomfortable in it and made a crying, wimpering sound for most of the day. When I mentioned it to the Health Visitor she said the sound arriving at the same as the harness was a co-incidence, I don’t think it was. The upshot is that we both struggled with the harness wearing, especially on her christening day.

She didn’t have it removed for another seven months or so and, she attended regular physiotherapy sessions for some time after. We were warned that her walking would be delayed and that further intervention was more likely than not.

Therefore, when she started to pull herself up, first on my knee then the furniture, I didn’t stop her as had been suggested. I considered that if it hurt her, she wouldn’t do it and keep doing it, so I encouraged her. Sure enough she walked at thirteen months – without any further intervention.

If the lady from Clarks Shoe Shop in Chester ever reads this , thank you for just ignoring the fact that I couldn’t stop crying when we bought her first pair of shoes, thank you for pretending I was acting normally!  Thank you for caturing that moment on a Polaroid camera!

I’m just off to pull myself back together, it has been that sort of week!


Thank you Heledd for hosting.






Have a lovely day!




28 thoughts on “My Captured Moment! #4

  1. Not being a mum I have missed many of the highs – and lows! – of parenthood. I don’t regret it, per se, as my memories are made up of different captured moments, but I do (from time to time) think I have missed out on some incredibly emotional times. Some good, others bad, and yet others possibly devastating. I can imagine how, for you, buying the first pair of shoes would have been so emotional!


  2. I can hear the emotion in your voice. I cannot imagine how you felt, but I can tell that it was very hard for you. It sounds as though all has ended well though so that is a good thing. It is a great captured moment for sure!! xx


  3. Aww this is a really moving post, after all that your little girl has been through, I am so happy she is walking. And you have captured an amazing moment. Love it. #mycapturedmoment
    Sabrina x


  4. Oh, this is a beautiful post. I can imagine how you must have felt when she took her first steps, and when she had her first pair of shoes fitted. When G was born she had to have the 6 week hip scan as we have family history of hip issues (her uncle was born with both hip balls outside of the sockets and was in a hip cast for ten months). With G, she had an x- ray before the scan and the consultants freaked out because the x- ray didn’t show a hip ball at all on her right hip! When she had the scan the hip ball was there, but very very underformed. They decided against putting her in a harness but we have to go back regularly for scans and x- rays to monitor growth. Her hip ball is forming but is still far behind the left one – but she walks and runs and if you didn’t know about it you wouldn’t know she had a problem. I can notice it though – especially if she runs, after a couple of minutes I can notice her right leg swing right out. When we saw the consultants the last time they said that if the growth rate hasn’t increased sufficiently, and because she is so much more active, she may have to have an operation. I really hope that doesn’t happen, but I guess we will find out in July.


    1. Oh Catherine, I know what you mean about the swinging out of the leg. It used to happen to her when I put her in the bath after taking her nappy off. I used to ignore it though, I was in complete denial. Please let me know how she does in July. It is such a scary time. There was more to her treatment but I just couldn’t write it. Thanks for your comment xxx


  5. Ahh gosh, such a beautifully written post Lisa. I’m getting emotional just reading it, I can imagine how much it must have meant to you for her to walk so soon after going through all that. It must have been awful to go through but she must have been pretty determined to get up and going. Good on you trusting your instincts too, it obviously did her no harm to get going. Lovely photo too xx #mycapturedmoment


  6. Ah lisa, sending hugs I bet it was so hard and such a worry but amazing how she walked and your positivity and encouragement clearly helped xx


  7. Oh Lisa, I’m welling up reading this post. Poor, brave little Miss Glade and good on her for proving the doctors wrong! This is a fabulous and important captured moment. Thanks for linking up xxx


    1. Thank you Heledd x Sometimes her determination frustrates me and then I think back to her numerous health issues and I’m thankful that she is so strong willed. I love My Captured Moments, it is nice to have them on here as a record of how I felt about them. It really is a wonderful idea, thank you for thinking of it and then hosting! Everyone’s moments are lovely every single week xxx

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  8. Aww, a lovely sweet post! Such a gorgeous captured moment! It’s lovely that she’s so happy in the photo and lovely that the Clarks sales person was so nice! 🙂 x


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