50 Things That Make Me Happy! #5

I was tagged by the lovely Aby at You Baby Me Mummy to take part in the ’50 things that make me happy’ quiz. I was delighted to be included – thank you Aby x

I do a ‘What made me happy this week’ list,  but like Aby, this gave me the chance to think more generally.


A picnic Strawberry Flan !
A picnic Strawberry Flan !


Here’s my list;

1. Smiley Daughters

2. Coffee

3. Sunshine

4. Baking


5. Dog walks in the country

6. Cornwall

7. My bike

8. Good school reports (they are the only sort that we have ever had Miss G……….)

9.  A new Lip gloss

10. Ms Glade coming home

11. Abba’s Dancing Queen

12. Days out

13. Lots of Veggie options on a menu

14. A clean house

15. Babyliss Big Hair Brush

16. Going to the beach

17. My Kitchen Aid Mixer

18. Nice manners

19. Our family Christmas outing to The Cinema

20. Matching underwear

21. Blue plant pots

22. Pretty gardens

23. Hot bubble baths


24. Fresh flowers

25. Crete

26. The sea

27. Freshly changed bed

28. Hearing children playing

29. Wrapping presents

30. Flip Flops

31. Microwave pop corn

32. The Killer’s Mr Brightside!

33. Disney

34. A good book


35. Watching Jack swimming

36. Converse shoes

37. Hearing the girls laughing – usually at me but that’s ok

38. Afternoon naps

39. Cake

40. Picnics

41. The smell of Lavender

42. Homeland

43. Cheshire Ice Cream

44. Washing blowing on the line

45. Baileys

46. A Fully stocked fridge

47. Meeting friends at the pub

48. Proper post – not bills or circulars

49. The Lake District

50. A nice view

If you fancy taking part, there’s is no pressure, only if you want to:

Julia at RainBelleBeau

Christina at LadyBug Home & Design

Hayley from Home

Sarah at Extraordinary Chaos

Fionnuala at Three Sons Later


Very kindly Katy from What Katy Said and Jenna from TinyFootSteps have both said this is ok to add to the Happy Days Link – Whoo Hoo!!!



Have a lovely day!

28 thoughts on “50 Things That Make Me Happy! #5

  1. Love this list – so many great things on it. Can’t beat a freshly changed bed – so nice to get in and snuggle down under freshly washed sheets. Washing blowing on the line was on my list as well – it’s one of my favourite things about the nice weather and hearing children playing definitely makes me happy as well 🙂


  2. Ah thank you, Kat tagged me too so I will link to you both, Lisa we are so alike. You know I love Disney, but dancing queen is my fav ha ha in fact one of my best friends says whenever she hears it she thinks of me xx


  3. This is such a great list! I completely agree about Dancing Queen and the Babyliss Big Hair – both of those should’ve gone on my list too. 🙂



  4. I love wrapping presents too. I am so loving reading everyone’s posts- it is so lovely seeing so many happy things and then nodding along to things I hadn’t thought of. Definitely loving afternoon naps! x ps of course we were going to say it was ok to add, this is the ultimate happy post 🙂 xxxxx #HappyDaysLinky


  5. Great list! 4, 14, 24 make me happy too! I’ve also been tagged to do this so will post up when I eventually catch up on my blog (forever behind atm!) xxx


  6. I adore reading these lists and getting to know bloggers better.

    I truly can’t remember the last time I wore matching underwear. (I’m not sure I even own any!)

    Baileys makes me happy too. Yum yum!

    Thanks so much for joining in with our #HappyDays linky.

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx


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