Five on Friday!


I hope you all had a wonderful Easter. I am delighted to be linking up with Amy from Love Made My Home again this week for my Five on Friday.



My bike – It was a birthday present from himself a couple of years ago, I pestered him like a child for it ha! On Wednesday, the girls and I had our first bike ride of year. It was bliss, the sun was out, the wind was minimal and the birds were singing. Summer was definitely in the air!



Library Books – On the bike ride we went to our local library. I am such a huge fan of libraries but like most people, I am guilty of not using them enough. When the girls were little, we participated in lots of actives and reading challenges in the library but now, we only seem to go in school holidays.



Picnics – We enjoyed two fab picnics last weekend. The first included soup because it was still quite chilly but by Sunday the weather was fantastic and the menu included a delicious Strawberry flan. Last night we took the dog to Thurstaston and picked up some picnic goodies on the way, it was a lovely impromptu evening!



Converse – A sure sign of summer for me is when I swap my boots for Converse. I love these shoes, the girls have many pairs between them. They go into the washing machine and come out like new. I am forever giving pairs away that they have grown out of and they look unworn. They are so comfortable too!



Sticky Toffee Pudding – We had our Easter feast on Monday and were joined by some great friends. It went down very well with sticky toffee sauce and custard, it is one of our  favourites! But definitely not a healthy option ha!


Have a lovely day !

24 thoughts on “Five on Friday!

  1. Oh I love your bike I’m so jealous of it. I want one just like it, I’ve pestered Mike for years & he refuses to buy me one. I think I shall have to pester some more. Converse are great aren’t they, they last for every. The boys always wear them x


  2. Definitely five fabulous things here!! I have been swapping out my boots too, but have never owned any converse, I might need to look into that! The picnics sound wonderful, especially the soup at this time of year, scrummy yummy!!!! Thank you so much as always for joining in. I hope that you have a great weekend! Oh, let us know what the books are like! xx


    1. I don’t think I will read the books quickly because I get very easily distracted these days 😉. Yes do have a look at Converse, I like them because I probably wouldn’t wear trainers out and about but, I wear Converse all the time and they are so comfortable. Thank you for hosting such a great link. Have a lovely weekend X


  3. Five lovely things to savour. The nearest I get to a bike ride now is down the imaginery country lanes in my head as I peddle my exercise bike. When took cheese rolls and red grapes for a picnic on a recent day out and I’m with you on libraries – I have two books on loan from ours at the moment. Sticky toffee pudding looks lovely:)


  4. I have yet to swap my Kickers for my Converse. I have plantar fascitis which makes the wearing of Converse a bit painful. I have also yet to organise a first picnic. Ah the joys of spring and summer! Love your bike btw. x


  5. lovely photos 🙂 I’ve only managed one cycle ride this year so far but I’m looking forward to getting out more. We had to change our car after our old one was written off and the universal bike carrier we have doesn’t fit the new one *sigh*


  6. Hi Lisa, what a lovely bike! I am jealous. I bought my trusty steed in a second-hand market 30 years ago, it’s a bit creaky and a bit embarrassing now but I use it every week. Hope you are enjoying the weekend. x


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