My Captured Moment! #3


September 1998

Himself and I had been to Disneyworld before we had children and absolutely loved it. When Ms Glade came along we couldn’t wait to take her. I happily ensured that she loved Snow White and knew all the Seven Dwarfs –  my favourite.

We had a week off work in early September 1998 when she was still 2, and found ourselves in a travel agents booking a mini break to Euro Disney. I was beside myself with excitement.

Upon arrival, Himself and I were delighted with Main Street, however the babe sat in her pushchair preparing for her morning nap. As we turned the corner into Fantasy Land, Snow White emerged and made straight for us. I could barely contain myself as she leaned into the pram and tickled the baby, “She is Grumpy!”  I explained, embarrassed , the pun lost on me.

Snow White smiled and began to move away, just at that moment the baby realised what was happening and demanded to be released. Immediately, she ran after Snow White who turned, took both of her hands as they skipped and danced together in the middle of the path. It was a magical moment!  But I wasn’t quick enough to catch a photograph.

I took this picture on the tea cups which was where we headed to next, still flushed with excitement and delight. Even the baby was impressed by then!


Have a lovely day!

20 thoughts on “My Captured Moment! #3

  1. Disney was made for beautiful moments like this. The Tot is still to discover it properly…partly my fault as Mr Tin Box is ‘Grumpy’ about it so I am holding her back from the disappointing news that we probably won’t go there any time soon. It’s ironic really as Mr TB is the only one in the family that has actually been to Disney. I think he just knows how much it would cost him 😉 #MyCapturedMoment


    1. Haha!! Well yes it isn’t a cheap do is it? But I think it is so worth it, however himself might disagree especially when we ended up with the holiday of a lifetime two years on the run. It will be worth the wait for you though x


  2. Ah thats so sweet, we took out 2 when they were little and its so magical seeing it through their eyes isn’t it x


  3. I’m desperate to take my girls to Disneyland Paris, they’re two and four and are both Disney mad! Sounds like you had a truly magical time and your picture sums it all up perfectly. Thanks for linking up xxx


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