Eastham village – In Five pictures on a Friday!

There is no Five On Friday this week!

So I thought I would show you five random things that I have noticed in Eastham Village.

For many years I have used this beautiful village as I cut through, so it wasn’t until we moved here last summer that I started to properly look around.




This old style telephone box actually contains, a telephone. I know it seems obvious but I think it’s quite a rarity nowadays.




This doorway or gateway has been elaborately bricked up at sometime. It looks quite mysterious just there in the wall, I am expecting Miss G to be inspired at some point and write a story about it.




The village cross stands opposite the war memorial. The Christmas tree occupies the space next to from early advent and is usually decorated by the village children.




This clock is on the outside wall of an office. It looks really quite old and has Rockferry, as made famous for about two minutes by Duffy, to Liverpool on the clock face.




This sculpture can be found in the edge of The Country Park. If you click on the picture you will see that the edge is decorated with starfish and sea shells, it’s so pretty and set back from the road, lots of visitors must miss it.


Have a lovely Good Friday x








10 thoughts on “Eastham village – In Five pictures on a Friday!

  1. Lovely pics. I love the way you capture the unique and old architecture and items in your area. You inspire me to look for the unique architecture in our area even though it’s not nearly as old as the architecture where you are, some of the reproductions are interesting. Chicago has some unique 1930’s architecture.


  2. ha – phone in phone box who’d have thought it – it’s probably listed – I’ve heard some of them have mini libraries in them now. They’re great photo’s lisa and the village looks lovely.


  3. Thanks Bec. How funny I think we were both leaving each other comments at the same time. Yes, they do seem to have libraries in them now, which is another lovely idea. Have a great Easter x


  4. Lovely photos of the interesting things around your village. It is unusual to see a red phone box and even more unusual for it to have a working phone, as you say in your comment above some place that still ahve them turn them into little libraries or information points:)


    1. They do and, I have even checked the phone is working, I can report that it is. I do like the library idea though too but I think it’s really sweet that we we still have a ‘phone box. Thank you X


  5. I know Eastham Village and area very well, I grew up there and spent my teenage years hanging around in all the various nooks and crannies where we thought the adults couldn’t see us, many nights disco dancing in The Stanley. Whenever I come home I always mean to check whether Fergies is still going? There used to always be a couple of old dogs sleeping outside under the awning, one was a lab I remember and the lady who worked there always wore Dr Scholls and a bandage on her foot. It’s funny the things you remember isn’t it? I went to see the Bear Pit last year, looks so small now.


    1. Haha!! Yes the Bear Pit was much smaller than how I remembered it too! It is funny the things that you remember, The Stanley is a very nice Gastro Pub now, they do a good cocktail too. Where was Fergies can you remember? If you want me to check anywhere out and send you pictures let me know. I love the village! I am off over to your blog now to check it out, thank you for following X


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