My Captured Moment #2



My captured moment :  May 2003.

There are seven and a half years between my girls. We didn’t plan it that way, indeed given a choice we would have had them much closer together. But there you have it, we don’t always get to decide!

By the time she was about five, the eldest was getting quite desperate for a sibling. As an only child, she had joined every club, scheme, choir and class imaginable. She made friends wherever she went and, all her friends seem to have siblings. In desperation, she even asked Father Christmas for help, who rather sweetly looked at me with panic!

This picture was taken on the day that the baby was born. It is of the moment that the eldest, having been spirited away from school early,  held her new sister for the very first time. The look of sheer excitement on her face is absolutely genuine. She was beside herself with joy!

I am delighted to report that after eleven years, their adoration of each other has never waned. The eldest remains as delighted, for the most part, as she was that day. For the youngest, there really is nobody to compare to her big sister, she is her world. They each miss the other so much now that university often separates them.

This picture means so much to me because, I was in a morphine induced stupor in the corner and, vaguely remember a conversation about Orange Tango, or I might have dreamt that.


Have a lovely day X


25 thoughts on “My Captured Moment #2

  1. Such a precious moment, your big girl looks so proud, happy and chuffed to bits. Lovely to hear they are so close even if there is a big age gap between them. A lovely captured moment xx


  2. That is a truly special moment. I have a photo of my eldest holding his little brother and the expression on his face is priceless. These are the moments that really matter, aren’t they? Love this photo, she really does look like she might burst with happiness 🙂


    1. Yes definitely these are the moments that truly matter and are really special. I’m glad you caught that moment too with your boys because I would have missed it if my husband hadn’t been quick enough to take the photo. She is beside herself with joy and excitement x


  3. Such a beautiful photo and what a wonderful moment to capture – your big girl looks so thrilled to have a baby sister and so glad that they are still so close 🙂


  4. What a lovely picture! There’s only 19 months between my two so I stood no chance of getting my eldest to stay still for a photo with his brother straight away, definitely will if I give in to the broodyness now though! 😉

    Stevie x


  5. This made me teary as I was that little girl asking her mummy for a baby sister. 8 years between me and my sister and my mum has a very similar photo. Lovely to hear their bond is still strong, lovely lovely moment. #MyCapturedMoment


  6. Oh the joy of sisters!! Although there’s only two and a half years between my girls, the moment I introduced them to each other was simply magical and so emotional. This picture is perfection, the joy and excitement is clear to see and I love that she’s still in her school dress. Just lovely xxxxx


    1. She was spirited out of school,that and the fizzy drink became part of her story afterwards (she wasn’t really allowed fizzy drinks at that time ha). Thanks Heledd it is such a special time regardless of age differences x

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