My Leibster Award!



I cannot begin to tell you how delighted I am to have been nominated for the Liebster Award.

When I began this little blog in February, I thought my daughter would read it to keep up with home and I didn’t plan to tell anyone in my “real” life that I do it and still haven’t – too shy!



Therefore, I was shocked when Christina from Lady Bug Home & Designs nominated my ramblings for this award.

Christina is from ‘ The City Of Roses”, Portland, Oregon in the USA,  and has moved to England for love. In my opinion, and given that Portland has had a really mild winter, Mr LadyBug is a very lucky chap indeed.

Her little girl Little Lady Bug and baby boy Bumblebee Boy  have to be two of the most photogenic children ever. She usually has an Etsy shop but is, understandably, taking some maternity leave. Thank you Christina X.


My understanding of this award is, that it is designed for bloggers that are just starting their blogging journey or have a very small loyal following. This is an opportunity to link up with other bloggers and pass the award forward.


The Rules

-Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog

– Answer their questions on a blog post

– Nominate at least 10 blogs with 400 followers or less on twitter *

– Ask some questions of your own

– Let your nominees know you nominated them!


My questions from Christina:

1. Tell us more about your blog?

Having read blogs for a long time and thinking of writing one for a few years, I eventually started this one to keep my daughter up to date with things at home. I included recipes in the hope that it might inspire her to eat properly, I think it’s worked.

2.What is your favourite part about blogging?  And least favourite part?

I am utterly amazed at the social side of blogging and how supportive everyone is. It’s my kind of environment, and to think I was frightened of starting it for so long.

My least favourite is that I am not very technically minded and I am struggling a lot with understanding widgets and plug ins etc. I will get there but slowly!

3. If you could interview anyone for your blog, whom would it be?

Mary Berry I think she is fabulous.

4. What is your favourite book?

Little Women or anything by Marian Keyes.

5. What would your perfect day be like?

There would be sunshine, a beach, my family, a picnic and the dog involved.

6. Where is your favourite place to visit?

Absolutely anywhere in Cornwall or The Lakes.

7. If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

Instead of a superpower,  I would love Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak.

8. If you could live one moment in your life again, what would it be?

When the line appeared on my pregnancy test on the 22nd February 1995!

9. What was your favourite birthday or Christmas gift?

My eldest daughter was 9 weeks old for her first Christmas, she was my best ever present, I spent the whole time amazed that she had survived.

10. What is your goal for your blog for the next year?

I am determined to learn the technical side and get my blog looking it’s best. I might even pluck up the courage to attend an event. My pictures definitely need some attention.


My Nominations Are:

* I wanted to nominate blogs that I genuinely look up and read. Some have more than 400 twitter followers but they are all relatively new blogs. I hope this is ok!

Bec at Views from My Garden Bench

Catherine at  Pushing the Moon

Nicky at View From The Middle

Mac at Reflections of Me

Kathryn  at Simply cooked with Love

Sarah at Hills and Daffodils

Sarah at Run, Jump, Scrap

Rachel at Ten Minutes Spare

Sorry if any of you have already been nominated, I did have a look around your blogs but I might have missed it.


My questions are:

Why did you start your blog?

Tell us more about your blog?

Who do you admire most?

Which famous person would you most like to have dinner with?

Where was your best holiday?

What is your favourite cake?

What is your happy song?

What is your favourite beauty product?

What would be your dream career?

If you were prime minister, what would be your first priority?


Thank you again Christina X X X


Have a lovely day!

10 thoughts on “My Leibster Award!

  1. Congratulations!!! Great to read some more about you and why you started blogging. I haven’t told any of my family (apart from hubby!) and only one friend about my blog, I don’t know why! Like you I love Little Women!! Hope you have a great week! xx


    1. Thank you Amy! I was delighted! That’s funny that you have not told anyone either, I don’t think I know a blogger in real life, although of course I might be surprised! Little Women is a fab book, I love it. Hope you have a great week too and thanks again xx


  2. The social side of blogging is amazing isn’t it it’s something that you don’t think about at first. I’m glad your blog is helping your daughter updated too! I’m sure she is very proud of her blogger mum! X


    1. It is completely amazing! I absolutely love it and usually I am quite reserved until you get to know me ha! She might be proud bless her, but I still won’t let her tell anyone. Even today she asked if she could tweet it, I said no – too shy! X


  3. I enjoyed reading this and learning a bit more about you. I think not telling people you know about your blog brings some freedom with it – you can say things you might not feel comfortable saying otherwise.


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