My Captured Moment! #1


This is my captured moment from last Boxing Day.

To be honest in the run up to Christmas last year, for different reasons, none of us were in great shape.  It had been a difficult time and we planned to have a quieter Christmas than usual. We managed to survive Christmas Day and resolved to make it better next year.

We spent the day after quietly, all doing our own thing and bemoaning that that there was nothing worth watching on television. Then something magical happened, it began to snow.

A lovely neighbour text to say how excited she was and eventually we, with most of the other  neighbours, made it outside and three snowmen were built! It was a wonderful impromptu gathering where we chatted and laughed together! It was a precursor to New Year’s Eve and new traditions beginning!

I took this picture just after receiving the text and I suddenly realised how lucky we really are. Both of our lovely girls were, not only here at home, they are healthy, polite,  respectful and hardworking. They both are thriving as new girls in university and school. We were spending Christmas together in our new home, with our new neighbours and with plenty of delicious food!

This photograph captured the moment that I became thankful!

Please ignore the wonky Christmas Tree, this year’s will be better!

I am hoping to link up to Heledd at Running in Lavender for My Captured Moment.  Please cross your fingers for me because I often make a right hash of it!


 Such a gorgeous badge!

Have a lovely day!

18 thoughts on “My Captured Moment! #1

  1. Ah this is so lovely, I love little memories and traditions like this they are so special aren’t they? x


  2. The wonky Christmas tree comment made me laugh as it made me remember our Christmas. We came back from a childfree night away to discover a very wonky tree…apparently my eldest had decided to try and climb it, when they were playing truth or dare…I guess that’s what you get with teenage babysitters! It made me laugh though, as it was nice knowing they’d had such a good tie whilst we’d been away for the first time alone in years!
    Stevie x


  3. That is a lovely moment to have captured. It is often these little, unexpected, moments that make us realise how lucky we are. Tricky to spot them sometimes, so always wonderful when they stay with you like this x #mycapturedmoment


  4. You made it!!! No hash at all ; )

    This is such a lovely post and a great captured moment. Sounds like the snow made your Christmas extra special. You’re very lucky to have such amazing neighbours.

    Thank you for linking up to #mycapturedmoment xxx


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