The Egg!

Apparently it is National Vegetarian week, so to celebrate I thought I would show you one of my favourite vegetarian places .


The Egg cafe is in Liverpool City Centre, just off Bold Street. It is in the loft space of an old Victorian warehouse. Therefore, the journey up the stairs is not for the faint hearted!


When you finally reach the skinny purple door, an airy space is revealed. The decor is bohemian in style, which is fitting because the cafe also acts as an art gallery.

In the daytime there are great views of the city and in the evening, it twinkles by candlelight.

Students, artists, families, young old professionals, well just about anyone, can be found sitting at the tables, eating or wiling away the hours. I love this place because it is so relaxed, the staff usually have an air of mañana about them!

There are a selection of hot and soft drinks available but they do not have a licence for alcoholic beverages.  Don’t panic though because you can take your own!!

That was embarrassing, clinking through the few shops we visited beforehand.

imageThe counter is well stocked with seasonal dishes. On Saturday evening, there were a number of freshly prepared specials available and they were all served with a mixture of  salads or rice.


This is Miss G’s  spicy bean burger, I had the Leek and Mushroom bake and himself enjoyed The Red Dragon Pie, but neither of ours were as photogenic in the candlelight.

Whilst it’s my favourite place to go, I do have one issue in that my choice is sometimes cold in the middle. However, I usually asked for it to be heated again and it is returned to me piping hot with a sincere apology. On Saturday, I  was too hungry and just ate the cold parts, it did give me a bit of a heavy tummy.

However, this does seem to be unique to me because himself and the youngest polished theirs off in super quick time and both were fine. Perhaps I’m sensitive!

We were all too full for desserts but as always there was a huge array of homemade cakes available.

It is a great place and worth the climb up the stairs, even if you just go for coffee and cake, the people watching opportunities are abundant! Give it a try if you are ever in Liverpool and let me know what you think.

Have a lovely day x


10 thoughts on “The Egg!

  1. I had no idea that it was Vegetarian week, we did have veggie dinner last night, but that was by accident not design! This sounds like a great place to go to eat, I like the idea of being able to BYO if you want an alcoholic drink! xx


  2. I didn’t either, how bad is that for a vegetarian ha! It is really interesting, I love to people watch and it’s brilliant for that. Himself loves the BYO idea too x


  3. I didn’t know it was vegetarian week either… although we did have a veggie spinach pie on Sunday and Monday and there is courgette lasagne this evening so we’re not doing bad (fish last night though) that sounds just like mmy sort of restaurant!


    1. I know it hasn’t been very well publicised has it? I picked it up on Instagram yesterday. Ooooo!! the veggie spinach pie and courgette lasagne sound wonderful! It is a great place, they have open mike nights and things too x


  4. ANOTHER place to eat when I’m in Liverpool! I usually end up at Lunya – which I love! – but you are introducing me to other lovely sounding places. I must remember to ask you for a list before I come over to the UK in the summer!!!


    1. You really must but that said Lunya is nice too! But it’s nice to try other places sometimes. I always think of you when I am writing Liverpool stuff x


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