Camp and Furnace!

On Friday, when the eldest popped home we decided to eat at Camp and Furnace, in Liverpool.

Camp and Furnace is not so much a restaurant as an experience. On Friday nights a Food Slam is on offer! Let me try to explain;




Camp and Furnace is housed in an old warehouse on the outskirts of the city centre.




Food stalls are set up around the outside of the room offering good quality, street style food for sale from different vendors.




There is a bar where cocktails are expertly mixed and delivered. Soft drinks, juices and craft beers are also available. Miss G enjoyed the cider immensely!




The seating is arranged like an outdoor event with long benches and tables arranged in the centre of the room.




Myself and the girls chose a potato curry which was served with rice, flatbread and garnished with coriander. It was very flavoursome and the rice was lovely and fluffy. I opted for the extra chillies and I think it really lifted the dish. Himself enjoyed a chicken version.

The girls had freshly made waffles for dessert that were eaten before a photograph was even considered. I am reliably informed they were gorgeous!




There is also a DJ belting out some brilliant music!

It is one of those places that draws quite a diverse crowd of people. It gets extremely busy which we knew so, my pictures were taken early on in the evening.

There is a real festival atmosphere with students and professional types all mixed in together, sitting on benches. There were other families and a group of girls dressed up, a hen night maybe!

As a vegetarian,  I felt we were restricted on Friday, there was only curry available, a potato one or a chick pea alternative. However, both looked appealing and the potato one was delicious! I just wish there had been a bit more choice.

That said, Camp and Furnace is an experience rather than an eatery . We felt like part of  the Hipster crowd!

Go on, give it ago if you are ever in Liverpool!


8 thoughts on “Camp and Furnace!

  1. This sounds just like a cool place in Newcastle (where my daughter lives) called the Steamer. It’s inside the sheds where the first ever steam train was built. We like to sample the foods from the stalls set up from the different restaurants in the city. Didn’t know there was a place in Liverpool too.


    1. Oh that sounds good – Newcastle is such a happening place too! Camp and Furness is just off Parliament Street and there is loads of parking around. I have actually seen a dog in there before now ha! Give it a try X


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