Claremont Farm Shop and Cafe

Happy St Patrick’s Day πŸ€

Myself and the littlest one found ourselves at our local farm on Mother’s Day.

Claremont Farm shop and Cafe is literally five minutes down the road and we love it. We have been Strawberry picking at the farm for years but recently they updated the farm shop and cafe, a great improvement!


The farm grows many types of vegetables in addition to the Strawberries, Gooseberries and Raspberries that we will pick and enjoy later on in the year.


They also sell locally produced curds and preserves. The local honey is our favourite.


The light and airy cafe offers a changing menu of seasonal goodies.


On Mother’s Day the vegetarian option was this broccoli, spring onion and Applewood cheese tart.

It was served with two fresh salads; the first contained potato, egg and spring onion and the second, orange, carrot and red cabbage, that was extremely refreshing. The Tart was utterly delicious and very filling, there was very little chat on our table save for the odd ‘Mmmm….’ .

The cafe is incredibly popular but if you wait a few minutes, a table usually becomes free. Β The staff in the cafe are all so very polite and helpful.

Excitingly, there is talk of them opening for the odd evening. I hope so!


Have a lovely day!


6 thoughts on “Claremont Farm Shop and Cafe

  1. I haven’t been since they opened the cafe. Thanks for the good review.
    We must pop in some time soon x
    p.s. Inca has hurt her leg and is hobbling round so we’re not going out on any nice walks with at the moment.


    1. Oh no poor Inca! I hope it’s not too serious, I bet she is being very well looked after though. Yes do give the cafe a go, there has always been a bit of a wait whenever we have been, but the food is so delicious it is well worth it. Have a lovely day x


    1. Oh you do need to come back soon! Ness Gardens are lovely. We have lots of lovely little places to visit and you can always pop to Eastham for tea and cake with us X


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