My Sunday Photograph: Starring… St John’s Gardens, Liverpool

image St John’s gardens in Liverpool is nestled between Georgian buildings virtually at the mouth of The Mersey Tunnel. They are beautifully tended and on the day that we visited,  the first signs of spring were pushing through the hard soil.

Considering that it is in the heart of  a city, the gardens are surprisingly peaceful. The gardens are often used for television and film productions, most recently it starred heavily in an episode of Foyle’s War.

Not a traditional view, I will grant you but it made me stop and stare!

Urban splendour at its best!

Have a lovely Sunday x CheckOutThatView-badge[1] Sundaylge-e1396359989177[1]

18 thoughts on “My Sunday Photograph: Starring… St John’s Gardens, Liverpool

  1. I think it’s lovely when you find tranquil places in urban areas. That’s one of the reasons I love Cheltenham, it’s a town with lots of lovely little gardens. Clicked on your photo so I could enjoy it fullscreen size. Thank you for linking up to #CheckOutThatView I hope to see you every Sunday. x


    1. Thank you Emma and sorry for the mix up! I love finding tranquil places where you don’t expect them too. Cheltenham is a beautiful town too. Thanks again, have a lovely day and hopefully see you next week x


    1. Ah good! We spent most of the time watching the last series saying ‘oh look there’s…..’ ‘Oh is that…..?’ because most of it was filmed in Liverpool. But there one episode where it was mostly filmed here X


  2. How wonderful to have such beauty in the city. When I clicked your photo and awe it enlarged, it was even more impressive with all those flowers showing signs of spring.


    1. It is a real treasure. I think most of us just use the path at the top and don’t actually visit the gardens. They are full of really interesting plaques, memorials and statues. I think I will try to recreate it in the summer when it’s in full bloom. Have a great day X


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