Eastham Fights Back!

Good morning!!

This is the view from my kitchen window. image This  tree is so old that it is the subject of a Tree Preservation Order. Therefore, between that and the Grade II listing on The Chapel, we are hopeful that our view will remain unchanged for the foreseeable future. We are so very lucky!

However our neighbours literally around the corner may not be so fortunate. I know some of you have local connections and so thought you might be interested. There are plans afoot to build an oil refinery on land directly next to a residential area, on the banks of the Mersey, scarily close to people’s homes. The area is smack bang in the middle of the beautiful village and the glorious country park.

It's not a fair game - Banksy
It’s not a fair game – Banksy

Please don’t think that this is  a typical ‘not in my back yard’ rant, it really isn’t! It is not about house prices. This is about Eastham village, which is a conservation area,  I have begun to highlight the treasures of it here.

This is about health implications, safety concerns and  environmental issues. This is about green spaces that are being erroded and children growing up surrounded by poisonous air that no body can see. This is about protecting our heritage and what is left of England’s green and pleasant land.

I think the community are realistic that it will be built close by, indeed there is land a little further along the coast that is already used in such a way, but is some distance from residential properties. This particular proposal would put it virtually on doorsteps!

I know this sounds like a plot from The Simpsons, Mr Burns doesn’t live here, it is a serious threat!


So it was with these concerns that we found ourselves  at a meeting in the local scout hut where it was decided that the “Eastham Fights Back” group is to be reformed, because yes, these poor people have had to fight this sort of threat before.  But once more they have come together to fight for what they believe is right!

It was  heartwarming to see so many people there. It really is amazing how much knowledge and expertise is to be found in this tiny community.

If this resonates with you, PLEASE could you sign this petition and pass the link on;


Twitter : @EasthamFights

Facebook: Eastham Fights Back – PLEASE give it a like!

Thank you for reading!

I will keep you posted!!!

The usual nonsense will resume tomorrow – Have a lovely day! X

6 thoughts on “Eastham Fights Back!

  1. Signed! I know as you say, these things have to be built somewhere, but surely NOT in Eastham Village. Fight the good fight! x


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