Eastham Village in 6 Pictures

Today I thought I would have a Wednesday wander around our local village in 6 pictures, come with me!


Until 1972, Eastham was in the county of Cheshire and Chester is the only city in Cheshire. This sign is in the heart of the village.


The Old Reading Room used to be a  Chapel. There is a solicitors based there now.


The War Memorial dates from 1924. It has the names of those lost in both world wars inscribed on it. The sculpture at the front is of a fallen soldier who is looking up towards the bronze figure of Christ on the top, touchingly he is being held up by a comrade.


The school and former Master’s House is dated from 1852. It was the local school up until a few years ago. It is used by the church now and, was opened recently when the church held an exhibition for local schools about the Second World War.


This building was originally Eastham House Lodge and later known as The Old Post Office. It is now a house on the corner of a busy junction.


 Here you could get ‘Signwriting and Sign making’ done !

I don’t think it is used for anything now but I love the simple and obvious description, no concerns about global branding.

Thank you for coming along there is lots more to see, shall we do it again next week?

Have a lovely day!

4 thoughts on “Eastham Village in 6 Pictures

    1. I know what you mean, people we owe so much to! This one is particularly striking and my rubbish photo doesn’t do it justice (this was the third attempt), the injured soldier is being carried by another 😢 X


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