On my Five on Friday post I mentioned Global Scouse Day was on Saturday.

It caused a bit of interest and the thing about Scouse for those who are not local is, that everyone seems to do it differently. Although that said, the majority do end up looking very similar. Twitter was very busy on Saturday with people tweeting their pictures.

My two recipes are very similar and I did them on Saturday in the slow cooker. The quantities are very approximate and you can really use whatever vegetables you have. To clarify, this is my recipe not necessarily the right one!!! and I make it with beef but some make it with lamb, which is correct? Well, that is the source of regular debate in this part of the world.


2 leeks peeled and sliced

3 Carrots peeled and sliced into quite large chunks about 2cm long

1/2 swede peeled and cubed into large chunks about 2cm long

1 1/2kg potatoes peeled and cubed into large chunks or washed if using new

4 table spoons of dried barley and peas soaked overnight and then washed

500g beef/Lamb cubed and browned or 1 tin of butterbeans for the vegetarian option

2 litres of beef/Lamb stock or vegetable stock

A small bunch of thymes

3 bay leaves

1 generous teaspoon of marmite – my secret ingredient


For both pop everything into the slow cooker and cook on low for eight hours

The Barley and pea combination will thicken the gravy

Serve with just white no need to Knead crusty bread, the recipe can be found here and beetroot or pickled cabbage – that’s another debate!


8 thoughts on “Scouse!

  1. Oh, no! That’s not my recipe at all …. no leeks (we have onions) and no dried barley or peas, no marmite. And I use beef. We have beetroot with it, do you?
    Isn’t it funny how every family makes it differently and it’s still scouse!


    1. Haha! I knew this would happen! I had so many questions about what different things were and did think twice about posting it. I think my version has evolved over a few years as I tried to create a vegetarian version, so I think that is where the barley and peas come from, they thicken the gravy to the consistency that I remember as a child. The marmite is definitely influenced by the vegetarian trials, it adds such a depth of flavour and then Himself wanted it in his version. I love beetroot but nobody else does. Haha! It is very funny and yes, every family does seem to make it differently. Have a lovely day x


    1. Haha!! Thank you Amy, it has been so controversial and it’s the leeks that seem to be upsetting most people. My emails have been pinging all day! It is strange though everyone seems to have their own version x


  2. As soon as I read your Five on Friday post I had to Google Scouse. I’ve got the beef and lamb waiting in the fridge and will be making it on Thursday. It sounds very much like beef stew only with lamb added. I can’t wait to make it because it sounds like a perfect meal on a cold night.


    1. It is very like beef stew and absolutely ideal for a cold night. Every family seems to have their own version and are very passionate about it. Thank you for popping by and leaving a comment, you have a lovely blog and I will stop complaining about the weather so much because I think it’s far worse in Chicago. Enjoy your Scouse and let me know what you think x


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