Cheshire Ice Cream Farm

image One of our favourite places to visit is just outside The Wirral, a hop, skip and a jump into Cheshire in fact. It is the The Ice Cream Farm. So when Ms Glade was home for half term this is where we found ourselves one afternoon.

There is one issue with this wondrous place, it is impossible to quickly decide on which flavour to have. There are another three sides to the menu just like the one in the picture above. They usually have a box for you to pop in any suggestions that you might have for any future flavours. In the past I have suggested Baileys, who wouldn’t? and, rhubarb  and custard. Clearly, I wasn’t alone because both flavours are now available.

Usually, while tucking into our ice cream, we have a wander outside and look at the animals housed in roomy paddocks with access to lots of food and water. However, there was lots of activity in the paddock area, it’s obviously undergoing a facelift and the animals have been temporarily moved.

There are booths inside to sit if it’s raining, although they can be difficult to come by because it’s usually so busy.   In better weather there are benches outside and a brilliant play area that is safe and interesting for the young explorer, although Crazy Daisy’s also offers an indoor option. There is also an area outside, to the side of the original house, where you can pay for extra rides such as quad biking.They also host birthday parties for children and adults can make their own flavours in The Artisan Room.

There are always improvements being undertaken and it seems to change every time we go. I have been going regularly for years and remember back at the beginning when, you could see the cows being milked next to the counter where you purchased your ice cream, with just a pane of glass separating the areas.

It is a lovely way to spend an afternoon!


8 thoughts on “Cheshire Ice Cream Farm

  1. Oh! This place sounds like a little piece of heaven! I would have picked Rhubarb and Custard for sure – but I may have had to go back for seconds in another flavour! Way too cold for ice cream here ( near Toronto) but I know for a fact a new ice cream shop is opening just a 10 minute bike ride from our home. I have a feeling we’ll be pedalling a lot this summer! : )

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    1. Hi Bronwyn,
      To be honest it was really too cold here but we cannot resist but had to run to the car to eat it ha! Rhubarb and custard is delicious but I try to have something different every time, it was Banoffi this visit. Ah well if it’s a bike ride away then that cancels out the calories in the Ice Cream doesn’t it ;)? You have such a lovely name especially on St David’s day. Take care x


  2. Ooh kove Cheshire ice cream! It’s honeycomb for me!! We don’t really visit much now that the kids are older but it is a nice drive out on a lovely day x

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    1. Hi Nicky,
      Happy St David’s day!
      Oh yes honeycombe is definitely a good one. I had Banoffi this visit, it was really lovely. Our girls still like to go probably because food is involved ha! Hope you are having a relaxing Sunday x

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      1. Oooh Banoffi? That sounds yum! Relaxing – no! Working – yes! Lol! Hope yours has been relaxing though x


    1. Ooooo yes! We do pop that way from time to time because we love to see the straw structures, they are great aren’t they? I will give the Raspberry Pavlova a try next time, Pavlova anything is delicious. Thank you for your lovely comment x


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