New Brighton Rocks!

image After taking Ms Glade back to Manchester in time to go to work and then driving straight back, I desperately needed to stretch my legs by Saturday afternoon. New Brighton beach is about a 15 minute drive from The Glade, the beach is Jack’s very favourite place to go and, Miss Glade had the company of her second cousin, they were both keen,so it fitted the bill nicely.

The lighthouse is situated next to Fort Perch Rock and although it has not been used since 1973, there has been a light on or near the rock since 1683. Fort Perch Rock was important in the defence of the Port of Liverpool since the time of the Napoleaonic wars until the Second World War. However, up until the 19th century the area had a reputation for smuggling and wrecking. Some people still believe that this area has secret hidden tunnels!! image Ferries used to to bring visitors across the Mersey until 1971. However, there were few visitors on Saturday except for a few scattered dog walkers. It was bitterly cold and an emergence stop off at Morrisons for a restorative Hot Chocolate was in order! But at least we had stretched our legs.

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