My top 5 Oscar Outfits!

I absolutely love the Oscars!

I always have and not least because of the haute couture on display, so this is a totally gratuitous post on my five favourite outfits from this year (I had to tie it down to five or this would have become an essay).


One – Julianne Moore best actress for her part in Still Alice. She rocks this Chanel dress and is a fantastic role model for woman of a certain age. Also, she always looks as though she is having a great time!


Two – Rosamund Pike in a striking Givenchy gown. She actually gave birth to her second son only 12 weeks ago, how is this possible? This dress is so perfect for her.


Three –  Kiera Knightley was among a host of ‘mums to be’ at last nights awards. But this was my favourite maternity gown and it was by Valentino. I know she often rocks a hippy chick look, which I like,  but I think this is Kiera at her very best- beautiful!

image                    25FDC7FF00000578-2965250-image-a-62_1424697260389[1]

Four – Felicity Jones wearing Alexander McQueen on the left at the Oscars. But just look at the Saint Laurent that she wore to an after party. I have to agree with the British press that she is channelling her inner Audrey Hepburn here and, we love Audrey on The Glade.


Five – Our boy Eddie Redmayne wearing McQueen. But isn’t this a brilliant picture of him waiting while his name is engraved on his statute?

The picture below has also appeared in the press of Eddie with Benedict Cumberbatch in 2006. They look so young!



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