Williamson Art Gallery


We love a good film here in The Glade. Also it seems that British talent is riding high at the moment and was demonstrated at the recent BAFTAS. Fingers crossed for Eddie Redmayne tonight at the oscars! He really does seem to be a most charming and humble chap.

Here on the Wirral we have the Williamson Art Gallery which is often described as a hidden gem and where, Andy Gotts, the celebrity photographer, has an exhibition currently being staged called “Behind the Mask”. It features actors that have been nominated or won BAFTAs spanning the ages since 1954.

imageThe collection is displayed  in two long rooms and apart from the piano pictured above, there is no other furniture. As you can see from this picture, all the exhibits were framed in the same size, black frames, it gives a very polished look.

I have been struggling with deciding how to hang my family pictures in this new house but this arrangement has inspired me.

The pictures seem to be  mostly a true representation of the subject giving the impression that they had not been photoshopped. Except, disappointingly, Kate Winslet which clearly had. That is such a shame because it is really noticeable amongst so many interesting images.

That said, it is well worth a visit and you could let me know if you recognised Colin Firth or not! (We didn’t ha).

It is on until the 22nd March 2015.


2 thoughts on “Williamson Art Gallery

    1. Hi Nicky,

      I read through your lovely new blog earlier and so much of it was right up my street! The exhibition is really interesting. If you make it there, let me know what you think of Kate and Colin. Thank you for your comment take care Lisa x


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