Ferry Across The Mersey………

There has been a “Ferry across the Mersey” since the middle ages – imagine that! In case you are wondering Ms Glade, that is a very long time before Gerry and The Pacemakers. In those days, I believe it was operated by monks.

Anyway, fast forward to 1846 and a chap called Thomas Stanley owned the ferry then. He thought it would be a good idea to build a hotel in Eastham to accommodate the passengers coming off the Eastham ferry.

The Eastham Ferry Hotel stands at the edge of the River Mersey keeping watch over its neighbours in South Liverpool. It also happens to be a five minute wander from The Glade. If you look at these two images, the first is from around 1910 and the second I took yesterday. imageimageIt’s hardly changed, except that it’s Winter and so doesn’t have it’s lovely baskets outside. Oh yes and the veranda is missing, but other than that……….It  also does a lovely Sunday roast carvery for those carnivores amongst us.

Thomas Stanley also built a “Pleasure Gardens” and made Eastham a bit of a tourist attraction of the day.


This image is from an old postcard doing the rounds recently  on Twitter. It is of the view that people travelling from Eastham to Liverpool on the ferry would have seen and, it’s from 1910! How fab!

Have a lovely day!

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