Is the world full of Black Labs?


This is Jack of The Glade!

When we walk Jack, it seems that the Eastham Woods are full of Black Labs. They are everywhere!

Jack of The Glade belongs to Ms Glade, he was a present for her 18th birthday. Ms Glade now mostly resides in Manchester, she is a student. Whilst she does return home often for food and sleep, she isn’t here, obviously, to look after ‘her’ dog on a daily basis.

Therefore, its a good job that he really is this cute in real life because we all don’t seem to mind looking after him. Even when he eats my favourite summer shoes or chews the heels of my brand new boots, he still manages to get a treat and a lovely walk.

We are quite spoiled for brilliant dog walks around these parts. Jack is great for our family because he always gets us out and we have our best talks/discussions on our rambles with Jack!

Dogs are great!

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